Nursery Design 101: Must-Haves for You and Your Baby


Nursery Design 101: Must-Haves for You and Your Baby

December 21, 2012

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Any new mother will tell you what they wish they had for their nursery or what they wish they didn’t have. To pull off the best functioning nursery you will need a crib, rocker, changing table and lamp. But what else should you get? Here are some must-haves for your nursery room:


No kidding, right? Choosing a crib depends on your style, but it is recommended to chose a very sturdy crib that can transition from a crib to a toddler bed. A crib that converts to a toddler bed can cost a bit more, but it’s like getting two beds in one. It will make the transition much easier because your child will be comfortable with the bed, and you will save money by not having to buy a second bed (so you can get ready for the next baby, right?).

Window Treatments

Protect your baby and furniture from harmful UV rays with attractive and functional window treatments. Look for cordless styles, as corded shades can be choking hazards to curious, climbing toddlers. Honeycomb, or cellular shades, are a great option. They are more insulated than traditional shades while still allowing great natural lighting. Roman shades are also a popular choice for nurseries. Accentuate the shades with nice, soft drapery in colors that complement the nursery.


One must-need item for your nursery is a nice rocking chair. You will spend A LOT of time in this chair, so look for one you can be comfortable in for an hour or two. Use a large, cushioned chair or a plush recliner. Not only will this swaying motion be comfortable for you, your baby will become relaxed, falling asleep almost instantly.


Choose a lamp where you can adjust the lighting. You might get up every two hours with your newborn for changing and feeding so, for the sake of you both, don’t turn on a bright light. Having a lamp with a dimmer will allow you to chose the amount of lighting for any given time of day, which will be easy on your and your baby’s eyes.


If you’re wondering why you need a rug if you have carpet, it’s a valid question. Let’s say your nursery is for a baby girl and you have an idea to make it cute, girly and beautifully decorated with pinks, greens, yellows and whites. A great and inexpensive way to tie in some decor is a fun decorative rug (like a big pink and green flower). Not only will this add the extra touch, but it will also become an extra easier-to-clean cushion for your baby for a play area or when she starts to crawl.

Changing Table

If you can, find a changing table that matches the crib. Usually you can find a changing table and crib in a set, so if you can afford to go that route, get it. Make sure you get a changing table pad and find one that has a lot of storage options so you have places to keep extra diapers and wipes, cloths and ointments.

Plenty of Clothes

Yes, newborns go through clothing as much as they go through diapers, so make sure you have plenty of clothing in a variety of sizes. You will want to keep them warm, but not too warm when they sleep, and make sure you have mittens so they won’t scratch their beautiful little face while they sleep. Keep in mind the time of year; you will have warmer clothes in the winter and cooler in the summer, but make sure you have dozens of onesies ready. You will find this to be the most-used clothing item.

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