Advantages of Specialty Arts Summer Camps: Exercising the Right Side of Your Child’s Brain


Advantages of Specialty Arts Summer Camps: Exercising the Right Side of Your Child’s Brain

February 20, 2013

Article by: Ana Belic for, Canada’s trusted source for camps and schools.

 Thinking about sending your child to an arts camp this summer? Consider the advantages of these specialty camps in engaging the right side of their brains and further developing their artistic talents.

Two decades ago, society clearly favoured the left side of the brain. It was important for parents to see their children excel at math and science during the school year and then take a temporary break at camp during the summer. In recent years, however, there has been a shift to right-brain dominance. Dan Pink, author of The New York Times bestselling book, A Whole New Mind, writes about how in our current information-overloaded society, it’s the creative people who will eventually become successful and rule the world.

This summer, consider the advantages of specialty art camps that enhance your child’s specific artistic talents.

Fashion Camps

  • Fashion camps are great for helping campers enhance and apply their creativity, make meaningful friendships, practice their leadership and project management skills and learn more about the industry. Campers get engaged in designing and creating outfits from the ground up, making accessories, writing their own fashion blogs, customizing handbags and many more. They might also be involved in putting together fashion shows, presentations, and working in teams to face fashion challenges depending on the camp.

 Digital Photography Camps

  • Digital photography camps offer a gateway into the multi-faceted world of visual arts and encourage consideration of multiple perspectives, lighting, framing, and presentation techniques. Campers are taught about composition, lighting, shooting in manual mode, shooting objects in motion, and shooting different subjects. They are also taught how to use sophisticated photo-editing software to create professional-looking photographs.

Digital Media—Film Camps

  • Film is an art form that combines music, storytelling, and photography together. In film camps, campers are instructed on how to write scripts, how to shoot short and long films and how to do post-production editing. These are usually accompanied by lessons on film theory, story structure, film genres, directors, and exposure to film styles from other countries. Some film camps also offer classes on animation and television production.

Whatever artistic talents your child may possess, it is important to nurture this aspect as much as their left-brain capabilities. Specialty art camps offer a great outlet for your child’s creativity and helps nurture out-of-the-box and multi-perspective thinking that will benefit your child not only in academics but also in various life situations.

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