What to get for the mom who has it all


What to get for the mom who has it all

April 11, 2013

Everyone I know seems to be having babies (most of them their second and third babies) right now and I am often stumped for gifts!  You would think as the President of a company that specializes in moms, I would have all the answers, not to mention the fact that I just had a second baby myself.  If people asked what we needed, I generally said ‘nothing at all really; Carter is our second, we have everything we need.’  Actually, the best gifts I got the first few weeks after the arrival of our second baby was food!  It was such a relief to know that supper was taken care of so many nights because our friends and family took the time to drop off a meal.

When Carter was about 3.5 weeks old, I received a totally unexpected package in the mail.  It was a lovely box with my name on it.  I assumed it was something business related, as I hadn’t ordered anything.  To my surprise, it was a gift from my Red Deer Director, Claire.

It was a really cool concept and something that I hadn’t heard of before.  Inside the box was a bunch of really cool products for me AND Carter.  The first box included the following:

The Au Fait Mama Foster Breastfeeding Scarf

It’s Potent Eye Cream by Benefit

Organic Beauty Breast Cream by Novena

Weleda Diaper Cream

Weleda Shampoo & Body Wash

And a little toy for Carter!


Everyone loves presents, but to receive something in the mail (and not a bill!) was such a fun idea.  My biggest surprise was that 2 more boxes were coming!  Mommies First offers 3, 6 or 9 month gifting programs for expectant moms or new moms and each box comes with 4-5 awesome products that are gender specific for items like clothing and shoes.


My second box included:

CleanWell Sanitizing Hand Wipes

Happy Squeeze Baby Food (we will be trying this out in the next few months!)

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Nursery Freshner (I stuck one of these to my cloth diaper pail right away!) and a bath ducky

An adorable pair of PediPed’s that should fit soon

Thera Wise Diaper Ointment

A Zutano Sleeper

My last box should be arriving soon.  I can’t wait for it to arrive to check out all the new goodies!

If you know a mom who has it all or just want to buy them something really special; check out Mommies First.  I have been SO impressed by this company; from the founders to the service to the boxes and products.  You have to check it out! www.mommiesfirst.com


About MommiesFirst

MommiesFirst aims to make life for moms a little bit easier and a lot less stressful by sending monthly care packages to new and expectant moms filled with “Must Have” products. We have tasked a MommiesFirst Council – comprised of moms, dads and baby experts – to help us identify the very best brands out there to fill our boxes. All of our care packages are stage specific – so they are timed to where a mom is in her pregnancy or the age of her baby, ensuring she receives only the most appropriate products and information. It is our goal to create and deliver care packages that are a special treat for mom and that empower her to shop with greater ease and confidence.


Twitter: @mommiesfirstbox

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MommiesFirstBox


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