2013 Ford F-150 Limited Review


2013 Ford F-150 Limited Review

September 6, 2013

I had the opportunity to review another F-150 truck this year.  I have reviewed several Ford trucks over the last few years; 2012 F-150, two Raptors, The Harley Davidson model and even a King Ranch.  As a city girl, I wouldn’t normally think of adding a truck into our family vehicles, but the statistics are astounding as to how many people are driving trucks for their everyday vehicles; especially women in Alberta.

 Outisde Driver 2

Trucks have so many options now with gorgeous styling and tons of creature features.  For a family that loves to camp and haul a trailer, trucks have become very comfortable with tons of cabin room.  This F-150 was no different.  Ford has been a leader in truck manufacturing for more than three decades.  More than 30% of Ford Truck sales are high-end trims with MSRP’s reaching almost $50,000. This definitely shows that the work truck of the past has definitely evolved into a vehicle that the whole family enjoys driving.  Comfort features include a moon roof that provide tons of light, programmable driver’s seat, heated and cooled front seat and even heated seats in the back for the kids (or their car seats!)

Back Seat

The leg room in the back seat is amazing. There was enough room for my diaper bag, bin of stuff (extra wipes, coloring books, snacks, games, Kleenex etc) plus, I was able to sit between the kids car seats if necessary.  For bigger kids or extra adults, the foot room was amazing in the back seat.

rear legroom

We drove this truck out to the lake for the weekend and it was very comfortable to sit as a passenger as well.  There is ample door storage, glove box space and centre console space for all of the extra items that seem to go along with travelling as a family of 4.  The centre console is also nicely organized with space for your ipod, pens, phone, files and more.

I always rave about the My Ford Touch Sync system in all of the Ford’s that I review.  This truck was no different – the 4 way split screen makes it easy to have your phone, navigation, music and climate control all at your fingertips.  I also love that all of the buttons and dials are easy to figure out from the moment you get in.  It doesn’t take a while to get used to where everything is.

front console

The truck overall has a really nice look to it.  22’’ polished wheels and body color on the front and rear bumpers, side mirrors, wheel lip, and grille surround.  I found it interesting as well that the truck only has 3 color options; red, black and white.  It makes decisions easier when there are so many choices these days; many of them 5 shades of silver!


For those interested in speed (me, me!) the truck definitely goes.  Best in class V8 with, 420lbs torque and 365 horsepower.  The mileage isn’t too bad either with 22mpg on the 4×2 model (I was driving the 4×4)  After all the driving we did around the city, out to the lake and out to the tree farm, I didn’t even use half a tank of gas after a week’s worth of driving.

All in all, this truck was a winner! We even put it to work on afternoon and hauled 10 trees home from the tree farm for our yard.  They fit perfectly!

hauling 2 hauling 1

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