Tips on Keeping Your Toddler Safe at Home


Tips on Keeping Your Toddler Safe at Home

October 24, 2013

Keeping our kids safe should be our top priority particularly when they are too young to know right from wrong. Regardless of age though, a family home should always be checked for potential hazards when kids are around as their behavior will always be unpredictable and accidents can happen from the most harmless-looking of household objects.

Making a safe home environment for toddlers is absolutely crucial and checking that every possible hazard is well out of their reach remains crucial to any caring parent. Whether it is a plug outlet or aspirins left open on a coffee table, there is always something which attracts the attention of a toddler’s ever-inquisitive mind.

Parents should then find the following tips greatly helpful when making sure that their home is hazard-free for rug-rats. Remember that you must-have laundry equipment well out of children’s reach, such as washing machines. Keep reading to keep your home and, most importantly, your children free of unwarranted accidents.

Bathroom and Living Room Safety

The basics of the three most frequented rooms in the home must be firmly grasped before letting our children roam free. Check the living room for any object which is too small to be easily swallowed by a toddler, such as pins, buttons, coins and similar things. Also keep an eye out for sharp objects such as cutlery, letter openers and sharp things which you definitely don’t want around while your kids are on a particularly insightful carpet excursion.

You should never leave a toddler unattended in the bathroom though it is only human to be distracted for a second. Knowing toddlers which every second could be fatal so make sure you keep all bottles well away from the bath or within their reach.

Dangerous Appliances

Remember to keep plug outlets covered when toddlers are around, which is easy enough to with plug-outlet covers. As we indicated briefly in our introduction, washing machines can also be harmful so make sure that yours is tightly locked and doesn’t look particularly appealing to your child.

Other appliances which may be a danger are a nearby toaster, a kettle which can easily be pulled from a table by your child or radios and similar.

Lastly, the usual checks should be applied to pretty much every other room in the house. Remember to lock rooms like your cupboard under the stairs and double check that everything is okay.

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