Edleun has changed it’s name to BrightPath Kids!


Edleun has changed it’s name to BrightPath Kids!

November 8, 2013

BrightPath is an innovative provider of early education.  We continuously examine new ways to bring the highest quality of care and development to our children while providing convenience, service and value to our families.  With partnerships in curriculum, nutrition, technology and recreational fitness programming, BrightPath is committed to providing families with the very best care, programs and child development Canada has to offer.

Above all else, nothing should take precedence over the well-being and safety of our children.  BrightPath is dedicated to providing the very best environment for children to play, grow and develop.  The BrightPath promise to both our families and children is to help develop children’s minds, nourish their bodies and inspire their souls.


Develop the Mind

Your child will benefit from our age appropriate, professional and well thought out curriculums, designed to establish a strong skill base and love of learning.

Our learning environment is play-based, which supports our children to discover new concepts, uncover hidden mysteries and imagine new possibilities, all while allowing them to learn at their own pace.

Early learning enables children to develop the confidence to tackle problems, overcome obstacles and succeed. We understand the impact quality education can have on young children and are committed to fulfilling a high level of excellence within our centres. The core of that excellence begins with our educators who are trained and qualified to provide a superior level of instruction and teaching.

Nourish the Bodyucating children on the importance of healthy eating and healthy living.

Activity, fitness and play are all key elements to our program. With regular outdoor time and planned indoor activities, our children experience a world of movement, dance and recreation.

At BrightPath, we have incorporated nutrition and physical fitness into our programs. We have partnered with a Registered Dietician & Nutritionist who has developed a menu that provides food fresh and prepared daily. Our guidelines reduce the intake of sugar and salt in children’s diets and meet all recommendations from Canada’s Food Guide. Our seasonal menus are rotated each week and can be adapted to meet the needs and concerns of children’s allergies.


Inspire the Soul

At BrightPath, we believe discovery is fundamental to learning.

The BrightPath environment encourages a child’s individuality, creativity and exploration. We help develop children’s social, emotional and physical needs as they grow, develop and mature throughout their journey.

We promote freedom and independence while emphasizing the importance of team work and social skills. We celebrate differences and emphasize inclusion, while maintaining a strong sense of connection within the communities we serve. BrightPath demonstrates and practices respect in our centres and classrooms, for each other and our families, while always representing a commitment to our values.



BrightPath has over 50 centres across Canada in many major markets such as Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto (GTA) and Ottawa.  With both traditional child care centres and Montessori schools, BrightPath continues to look at ways to raise the standard of early learning and child care for families we serve. To learn more about BrightPath or to find a location, visit www.BrightPathKids.com.


Enjoy these photos from our Oakville Mom & Baby Class!

brightpath_carol_classphoto brightpath_carol_classphoto2

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