Check out Elora Labels & Win Labels for Your Kids!


Check out Elora Labels & Win Labels for Your Kids!

February 17, 2014

Firstly, I am a label fanatic – I still remember the birthday years ago when the top of my list was an Avery Label maker (I know – I am lame!)I have been meaning to order some labels for my baby boy for some time now.  I had labels ready to go so early with my first child – she had shoe labels, sippy cup labels, jacket labels and more in both her actual name (Madelyn) and then later (by request!) under her nickname, Mady.

You know how it goes… the second born is suddenly a 1 year old with outings and drop off’s of his own and now all of his stuff has to be labelled too!

I have tried several different label companies and as a mom-business owner, I love to try all different Canadian companies, especially when they are MOM owned!  I recently stumbled upon a new Canadian label company that is also mom owned!  Elora Label was the brainchild of a mom, Nancy, from the town of Elora, Ontario.  When her daughter began Kindergarten, she purchased her first set of labels.  One day, her daughter got off the bus and Garry the bus driver handed Nancy her daughters sweater, which they thought was lost – the labels worked!  Working with a Professional Graphic Artist, Nancy came up with unique designs, trendy colours and playful icons.

As per usual (and like most moms!) I was trying to knock a few things off of my to do list before kick off on Superbowl Sunday in record speed.  Ordering labels was the last thing on my list and let me tell you – it took all of about 5 minutes to hop on the website and place the order. My labels arrived a week later!

photo 1

Ordering is super easy!  The number one thing I love about this site is that it isn’t mandatory to create an account.  I feel like these days I have a password to open the fridge and it causes me to barely remember my own birthdate with so many alphanumeric codes swimming around in my head!

Step 1 – Choose a package (School Sets, Shoe Sets, Senior Sets, Bag Tags, Allergy Alert Sets and more

Step 2 – Choose Your Colour Combo (there are 6 lovely options – not too many to make things complex!)

Step 3 – Choose an Icon

Step 4 – Enter your Child’s name

Step 5 – Place the Order.




Now that I have an elementary school student under my roof, it has become ever so apparent how rampant (and scary!) childhood allergies are.  I really love the Allergy Alert sets.  We fortunately don’t have any known allergies in our household, but for those children who suffer some severe allergies – the Alert sets were super smart.  There are even senior sets, which I thought was a great idea as well.

For the month of February – an extra set of themed labels was included as a bonus.  One of them is now adorning his favourite cup!

photo 5


These are the adorable shoe labels:

photo 2


The tag stickies can be added to the tags in clothing and can be washed and dried as usual.

photo 3


The slim stickies are great for lunch kits, water bottles, back packs and more!

photo 4


We even got little ‘dog tags’ for Carter, which has been added to the diaper bag.

If you love these labels – tell us below what baby name you wish you could have used for your chance to win your very own standard set of labels valued at $34.95!  Winner will be chosen at random on Friday March 7!  I really wanted to use Emmalea, Ashley and Bentley, but alas, I am not sure if any more babies are in the cards for us – we will see! I can’t wait to hear your names!



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