No time for Gym? Have a look at the simple Home Exercises


No time for Gym? Have a look at the simple Home Exercises

March 8, 2014

Women are great with parenting and ensuring that household shores are done without any hustle. In most instances, women rarely have time for doing physical activities, going to the gym or committing to any workout plans. However, your busy schedule should not be a hindrance to ensuring that you exercise daily. This is because there are home workout routines that are aimed ensuring you keep fit even without visiting the gym. Here are the simple home workout routines that can make you look fit.

Hip Exercise

The hip exercise is done by lying on the back and bending your knees as your feet touch the floor; then the arms have to be spread outwards with the palm facing up. Thereafter, make the tummy small and tight and maintain your breathing. Repeat this exercise while lowering the back to the floor and back up. Once this has been done several times, you will experience a full body workout even without going to the gym.

Hip Exercise

Crab Crawl

Crab crawl is an exercise that involves moving backwards. To begin this exercise, you have to seat on the floor and place hands on the floor then lift your buttocks slightly. Then make slight movements with your hands and legs. This is home workout routine can be done for half a minute. It has significant effects on biceps, triceps and the hips.

Crab Crawl

The side plank

This exercise involves lying down by the side of the body then placing your arm on the floor. The arm has to be elevated and in line with the elbow. In this exercise, you have to maintain your position for at least 30 seconds. This exercise works on the core and the arm muscles.


Squats are part of the warm up exercises in most sports. This involves standing in an upright position then bent your knees as if you are taking a sitting position. Thereafter, lean the chest forward slightly and maintain that position for at least a minute. This exercise has to be repeated ten times.


Mountain Climbers

This exercise involves sitting in a push up position and ensuring that the hands are firmly fixed to the ground. Once this has been attained, then you have to make fast feet movements towards the hands. You can count the number of times you move your feet. The count has to be more than 10. Every woman should do this exercise especially if she wants to have leg muscle strength.

Chair Dip Exercise

This exercise involves a stiff chair. You have to sit at the edge of the chair with your arms adjacent to the hips. Then bend your elbows at an angle of 90 degrees and move up and down as your back is close to the chair. While doing this exercise, ensure that you maintain an upright head posture. This exercise works on the arm muscles and has an impact on the respiratory system.

Chair Dip Exercise

Superman Exercise

The superman exercise entails lying on the ground with your stomach then lifting both the arms and the legs slightly. This exercise is ideal for women who have back problems. This exercise can be repeated in a two minute interval for at least ten minutes.

Incline Push Up

This exercise involves taking a push up position with hands place on an elevated surface or a stool. The body has to be in a straight position and rigid. Allow the elbow to bend slightly on the outside and back. Apparently, the body has to slide down to an extent that the arms are below the elbow.

Guest Post by: Julian Hooks – Livening Up

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