Review: Jamberry Nails


Review: Jamberry Nails

May 5, 2014

Jamberry logomomowebJamberry seems to be up and coming very quickly! As I like to always have my nails done I thought I would try a Jamberry sample to see what all the talk was about. I have heard the name “Jamberry” many times but have never tried them for myself. There are a ton of patterns to choose from, holiday exclusive prints, French tips and even Mommy and Me sets. These are plastic-like stickers that go on your nails, they come in adult and “junior” sets and retail for around $15-$17 per set. They are long strips of assorted sizes so you can get 2 manicures and 2 pedicures out of each adult set. Jamberry 1The instructions say to warm them with a hair dryer or mini heater for 3-5 seconds, I laid mine on my magic bag while cleaning my nails and pushing back my cuticles. I tried one without heating as well and it was off by the end of the day, so I definitely recommend warming them! After heating I applied an accent nail on each hand using one strip, following all of the Application Instructions and painted the rest of my nails with regular nail polish. Jamberry 2

Day 5: Still looking good!Jamberry 5

  Day 8: My nail polish is starting to chip away on the tips, but the Jamberry Nail is still holding up

Jamberry 6


Day 10: My nail polish is beyond manageable! The Jamberry nail is starting to wear a little on the tip but I could certainly wear it for another week or so!

Jamberry 7

I found these nails were good for 2 weeks! I am sure they would last much longer if I wasn’t changing diapers and washing my hands more than the average person.   These were so fun and easy to use I even put some on my toes and my DD3’s toes! As you can see, they still look great after a week and a half and will probably last as least 3-4 weeks! Jamberry 4 Jamberry 8

(she would only let me do one on each foot!)

(she would only let me do one on each foot!)

Thank you to Danielle Fehr for letting me try out some samples, you can check out her website for all of the amazing designs here.

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