Review: Munchkin


Review: Munchkin

May 5, 2014


Munchkin recently sent Carol McBee some samples of their sippy cups to try out, Carter (her son) wasn’t really drinking anything on his own (even at 14 months!) and they had already tried a bunch of different cups.  He would basically open his mouth and put his hands down when he was thirsty!  Munchkin came to the rescue with several different cups for Carter to try.

Here are the cups Munchkin sent to try:

2pk ins sippy 1

Click Lock® Insulated Sippy Cups – 9oz

An insulated cup to keep drinks cold and a leak-proof guarantee you can see, feel and hear – They will certainly be using the Insulated Sippy Cups over the summer


011368 CL Flip Straw_1


Click Lock® Flip Straw Cups – 9oz

A leak-proof cup with a straw that tucks away to stay clean throughout the day – Big sister Madelyn (5) immediately used a “Mady” label to stake claim to one of the Flip Straw Cups!  These cups are great for a starter cup all the way to a no-spill solution for older kids.




Click Lock® Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup

A cup with a flexible straw that’s weighted on the bottom, so your baby can hold it at any angle and still get a drink and this one turned out to be little Carter’s favorite!  It is easy to hold on to and the weight is such a brilliant idea!


Click Lock® Sippy Cup – 9oz

A cup with a leak-proof guarantee you can see, feel and hear – was a super hit  He is now guzzling the water totally on his own.  He likes being able to bite down on the rubber and the cup contours perfectly to his little uncoordinated hands!






Carter went from not being able (or perhaps he was just unwilling!) to drink on his own to drinking from a straw in no time with these fantastic cups!

Check out Munchkin’s website for all of the latest baby “must-haves” here:

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