5 Practical and Useful Nursery Tips


5 Practical and Useful Nursery Tips

July 30, 2014

It’s exciting to expect a new baby, especially when it comes to decorating a nursery. There are so many cute things to buy–from little items to big furniture–that it can be easy to get carried away.

The trouble with purchasing necessities for a nursery is that they cost a lot of money, and most of it is useless after two years. While there are some items that you can’t avoid purchasing (such as a crib and bed sheets), there are practical approaches to preparing the nursery for the baby that will last for years.

Here are 5 practical and useful nursery tips…

Convertible Crib

Cribs are expensive. Even the well-built second-hand ones you find on Craigslist run upwards from $100. Brand new cribs start at $170. The trouble with purchasing a crib is that it is often a poor investment in money. Most babies grow out of their crib by age two. Instead of spending money on a basic crib that won’t last, look into convertible cribs.

The best ones convert not just from crib to toddler bed, but from toddler bed into a full size bed as well. While they may cost a little more, usually starting at $200, the difference in price is worthwhile in the long run. Your baby will grow into the bed, instead of out of it.

Vibrant Paint

Paint is not often thought about during the initial planning phase. Beautiful bed sheets for babies encourage new parents to paint the nursery walls in cool blues and pinks that scream baby. The trouble with this is that when the baby moves into the toddler bed (and big kid bed) the walls have to be re-painted in colors that are more suitable for the age. Choosing the right colors right away can save time and money later. Forget the pink and blue color scheme.

Wood Blinds

Curtains often need to be replaced when the baby moves into the toddler or big kid bed. Instead of investing a lot of money in curtains, save money by purchasing wood blinds. They can come without cords, so there is no need to worry about the blinds being pulled down, and there is no strangulation hazard. They last longer, are customizable, and are easy to clean.

Changing Table/Dresser Combo

You will have to buy a dresser for your baby at some point. Some moms get away with it for the first few months, when everything is easily on hand in baskets, but the day will come when the baskets will no longer be good enough. Adversely, changing tables are often only used for the first 9-12 months and then discarded. Instead of spending money on a changing table, get one that comes as a combo with a dresser. These sets often look like a hutch, and can prove to be practical for years as a bookshelf/dresser combo.

Storage Cubby

Keeping certain items easily on hand is important. Accidents happen when changing a baby and having necessary items within reach can save time and a bigger mess. Instead of spending money on an organizer that hangs off the crib, buy a storage cubby with square cubes. Then invest in some colorful canvas baskets to put in the squares for organization. The cost is almost the same for the two different organizers, and the cubby will be useful to your baby for years to come.

When you’re ready to set up the nursery, read some tips on how to set up a mom-friendly nursery.

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