Pack These 10 Healthy Snacks for Your Kids


Pack These 10 Healthy Snacks for Your Kids

October 25, 2014

Holly Easterby loves to encourage healthy eating in kids. She helps parents not only by sharing fashion ideas at Bonza Brats, but also by contributing educational and health tips in websites such as this one. In this article, she will tell you some of the best foods that make great as snack for kids in school.

People at the school canteen will not always have your kid’s best interest at heart. A bit of junk food here and then some sweet treats to entice the kids to buy some more. As long as theyput something in their stomachs to keep them from getting hungry, then that’s good right? Do you honestly believe in that? Here’s what could happen when your kid eats empty calories, sugar, salt, and preservatives. Obesity, diabetes, urinary problems, tooth decay, depression and nutrient deficiencies to name a few. Take charge of your kids’ health and pack their snacks instead using these healthy ideas.

The 10 Best Snacks for Kids


  1. Egg sandwich. Growing kids need to load up on protein for muscle tissue growth and eggs are considered one of the best sources. Put this in a sandwich, sliced or mixed together with a healthy dressing. To make it even healthier, sneak in some lettuce, tomato and cucumber in there too.Egg Sandwich


  1. Oatmeal bars. They will be in school for most of the day. Your kids will need to be focused in their classes in order to be on top of the class. Oatmeal bars are not only filling. The high-quality carbs found in oatmeal bars could let them focus better and keep their energy levels up for the rest of the day.Oatmeal Bars



  1. Cheese. It’s considered by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry as one of the healthiest snacks for developing kids. Cheese has an abundance of nutrients that consist of protein, calcium, potassium, and vitamin D. Remember to choose the low-fat variety.Cheese



  1. Fresh fruits. They are free from fat but pack a punch in nutrients. And the good thing about it? You can offer several variations in one week from apples, pears, and bananas to name a few.Fresh Fruits



  1. Peanut butter. Fats are not made equal as proven by the likes of peanut butter. The Harvard Medical School recognized this as a healthy food that’s good for the heart. Its potassium content can counter the negative effects of sodium in your body.Peanut Butter



  1. Nuts. Instead of a peanut butter sandwich, you can also pack whole nuts as a school snack for kids. According to The New England Journal of Medicine, eating nuts can make you live longer. Great selections include walnuts, peanuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, pecans, pistachios, and pine nuts.Nuts



  1. Popcorn. It’s whole grain which makes it a healthy option. But that claim is mostly dependent on how it was prepared. Popcorn can provide your kid with protein, vitamin E, B vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, fiber, and healthy oils. Plain natural popcorn, seasoned with a bit of salt and butter, should make a tasty healthy snack for your kids in school.Popcorn



  1. Vegetable muffin. Among the foods available in the market, vegetables are said to be the best when it comes to nutrients. Since not all kids would willingly put these in their tummy without a fight, disguise them into sweet desserts such as a muffin and let them take it to school.Vegetable Muffin



  1. Yogurt. Look further for a sweet superfood that kids will definitely agree to eat easily. Yogurt is a great source of probiotics for a healthier tummy, calcium for stronger teeth and bones, and also helps regulate your kid’s weight, keeping obesity at bay.Yogurt



  1. Jell-O. For a more colourful food that’s not exactly cheap to health benefits, give your kids some gelatin. Why is this considered healthy? It has amino acids that could help build muscles. Furthermore, research says that it can help heal wounds faster, contributes to better skin and nails, and aids in better digestion.Jello

Additional Notes

Homemade snacks are not just healthier for the kids. You are also contributing to the environment by reducing waste by not buying pre-packed junk foods. Think about it – healthier kids plus healthier environment. Aren’t these worth preparing the snacks for kids at home?


Author: Holly Easterby


Holly’s love for children has seen her featured in many education and children websites, whether talking about healthy snacks, motivating students or children’s fashion at Bonza Brats. Holly loves reading books, and shopping is her way of spending time with her young family. If you would like to catch her, you can via Google+ or Twitter: @HollyEasterby

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