New Book Growing a Rainbow to Change Views on Preemie Birth


New Book Growing a Rainbow to Change Views on Preemie Birth

October 28, 2014

With World Prematurity Awareness Day approaching on November 17th, author Lesley Donaldson-Reid announces the release of her book Growing A Rainbow: The Premature Journey of a Two Pound Hero, with proceeds benefitting The Canadian Premature Babies Foundation. This unique and personal story gives readers rare insight into the world of premature birth and the hope preemie families carry with them every day.

In the honest and gripping narrative within Growing a Rainbow, Donaldson-Reid recounts the perilous journey of her son, Baby Torran, who arrived three months early weighing less than 2 lbs. Witness through her eyes as Baby Torran fights for his first breath and against the staggering impact of his premature birth.

Her passionate words bring hope to parents of preemies as she raises awareness about this unexpected outcome of pregnancy.

“When we were living it, it was hard to talk about. I kept a blog so our friends and family could keep up with what was happening,” says Donaldson-Reid. “I didn’t realize that so many parents would be helped by learning about what we were going through. This is more than a how-to manual; it’s personal stories that I hope will help anyone who is touched by premature birth.”

Donaldson-Reid has partnered with The Canadian Premature Babies Foundation, a charity working to raise awareness about premature birth, and to provide support to families experiencing it. A portion of the proceeds from sales of Growing a Rainbow will be donated to support their efforts.

Growing a Rainbow is one of the few Canadian stories about the experiences of premature families on the market.

Visit for more information about Growing a Rainbow: The Premature Journey of a Two-Pound Hero.




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