Parenting Tips for Better Child Growth


Parenting Tips for Better Child Growth

November 2, 2014

Raising children is perhaps one of the toughest thing to do in this world. I actually think it is one of the most fulfilling carriers- the only job that can get you off guard and least prepared.

Bringing up healthy kids is however an exciting and rewarding feeling. As a parent, you are always looking for the most interesting and reliable information on parenting and also kids’ nutrition, just to make sure that you do your best to make you them happy.

In this article, I am going to share with you some parenting tips that will help you raise healthy and admirable kids.

This kids-rearing tips will most definitely leave you fulfilled as a parent.

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Nurture Your Kid’s Self-Esteem:

Children normally develop a sense that they are small babies when they are in the presence of their parents. Your body language, your tone and tonal variation and also the expression that you depict towards them, matters a lot because kids tend to absorb all these reactions.

The words and actions that you disseminate as a parent can affect your kids’ self-esteem in such a significant magnitude.

Praising achievements, however big or small, will make your kids feel proud. Letting children do things independently without monitoring makes them feel strong and capable.

Never let your kids feel worthless!!

Avoid using words as weapons or rather making loaded statements. For instance avoid statements such as “you are stupid!”

A simple statement as the one above can cause mental damage- far much worse than physical torture. Therefore choose your words wisely and always be compassionate Catch kids being good have you ever thought for a moment, the number of times that you get mad or react negatively to your children in a given day for no apparent reason?

Sometimes you may find yourself criticizing your kids more often than complementing them. Now let me ask you a simple question, how would you feel if someone like your boss for instance treated you with uttermost negativity, even if it was an intentional act?


The best approach is to catch your children doing something positive; “you cleaned your bedroom today, that’s awesome” or “you finished your homework early today!”

Statements of this nature encourage good behavior.

Set limits and be consistent with your ways of discipline.

Discipline is such a crucial virtue and is necessary in every home. The main goal of discipline is to help children choose good behaviors and also learn how to have self-control. They may examine/test the limits you stipulate for them. However, they still need these limits so that they grow into responsible people in future.

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Make time for your kids:

It is often impossible for kids and parents to get together for a simple family meal, leave alone spending time together. The truth is that there is nothing that children would love the more than being with parents.

So get up at least ten minutes earlier every morning so that you can have breakfast with your children. Children who lack parental attention always end up misbehaving. Parenting is as hard as it sounds but also fun once you get used to it, the above tips will create good parent out of you also, get your kid an Ehic card, to show that you love them.

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