How to deal with having a Second Child?


How to deal with having a Second Child?

February 2, 2015

Written by: Lisa Coffey

Preparations for your second child could be as gratifying and pleasing as you felt your first time. The love and bliss which your first child brought into your world is simply beyond any measure and now you are expecting another child!

Second Child

And though you’ve experienced childbirth and pregnancy before, this time you have to perform dual task – while coping with your own physical needs and changes, you’ll be taking care of your first child as well. Helping your first child about the changes and what to expect would surely reduce the anxiety level as well as ease both of you and the self awareness about the physical changes to come is the finest way to prepare for this auspicious event.

The article stresses on how to deal with when you’re expecting your second baby:

Relax as well as Recharge:

Now there might be numerous things consuming both your time as well as energy such as your part or full time job, your older child, your partner, household chores and most prominently preparing for your second baby. And all these might leave you with little time for yourself. So it’s real important for you to consider your health very seriously and make sure that you still get enough time for yourself to relax as well as to recharge.

Take timeouts to rejoice:

Try out Yoga or Pilates especially designed for preg-women. Brisk-walking, swimming and numerous other forms of low-impact workouts will make you feel best all through your pregnancy and after the birth of your new baby. Mild workouts such as pushing your child in the baby carriage will offer both of you some fresh oxygen and in turn will energize you even more, relieving stress and preparing your body for labor.

And in case you’ve previously experienced any post-natal depression, do discuss it with your gynecologist as you might have further concerns from your previous pregnancy such as stillbirth, miscarriage or neo-natal loss, premature birth or any other related problems.

And if your child suddenly becomes clingy and all the time demands to be picked up, well perhaps you should play some little extra games with them to give all the attention which they’re seeking.

Join any specialized preg-groups:

In case you’ve some specific concern or issue, just join a preg-group and share all these. There are many preg-groups covering diverse topics such as Preeclampsia, Symphsis Pubis Dysfunction, Gestational Diabetes, Multiple birth, High-Risk Nuchal-Transluceny, Crohns & Colitis and Neo-natal loss.
In addition, there are many other things to consider while you’re preparing for your second baby which includes:

Where your baby will sleep?

In case your toddler sleeps in a cot, you might wish to gently move him/her from the cot to a bigger bed, prior to the arrival of your second baby. And buying two cots might provide you with the best solution. Selecting cots which can later turn into beds can also prove to be more economical.

What about moving your toddler to another room?

Now you might want to move your toddler in the room which is nearest to yours. And in case it means moving your child to some other room, then you need to help your child feel good about moving by getting him/her a few new, exciting and engaging things prior to moving. Experts recommend that your older child should not sleep with your new born baby.

How to make your toddler identify with the new baby which is on its way?

As for many toddlers, the baby is not real until it is born, so many of them might not have the slightest idea that their baby sister/brother is still in their mummy’s tummy. Therefore, getting them around the babies of someone in the family and friends or even at any playgroups would really help. You can even read them many books.

How to take care of your Toddler’s feelings?

Well it won’t be uncommon if your older child feels a bit green after the entry of new baby in the home. And due to flurry of activities happening around, their feelings might get overlooked easily.

So the parents are advised to spend quality time with them. Now some of the engaging activities could include bubble blowing, seeing them doing tricycle ride or having some simple conversations such as letting them know that their baby sister/brother will grow up big enough to play with them one day. And when relatives come to see your baby, let your toddler handle the navigation job – show them the baby’s room, point out the toys, show his crafts and paintings which he/she might have prepared at the daycare or playgroup. Encourage your toddler’s participation wherever it’s possible.

So these were some of the tips on how to deal with having your second child. We sincerely hope that the article will immensely help you out to rejoice through all your trimesters as well as enjoy all the pleasure and happiness associated with your newborn second baby.

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