Graco Nasal Aspirator/Thermometer Review


Graco Nasal Aspirator/Thermometer Review

February 23, 2015

Graco Canada recently sent us a care package filled with awesome review products that we will be slowly reviewing over the next few months. Our family has been hit with a series of colds since early January, so when the thermometer and nasal aspirator arrived, we needed them both right away!  Our kids don’t typically get fevers, so the little forehead thermometer seemed to be good enough. On those few nights over the last 6 years when we have needed to check a temperature, it is never good enough! It took forever to take a reading and the non-lit digital read out was hard to read with sleepy eyes in dimly lit kids bedrooms!

The Graco thermometer is amazing! It is LED lit, so you can be sure what the temperature reading is. The best part- it takes your sick child’s temperature in 1 second! No more needing 2 parents to take a temperature (one to hold down the child while you wait for the beep and one to hold the thermometer!) It is also super small and comes with a little cinch bag, so it can easily be thrown into a make up bag for travel as well.Graco Thermometer and Aspirator

The aspirator is also really great.  We have been using aspirators that require mom or dad to use their own mouth suction and although there is a filter, it still always makes me wonder if I am getting the child’s germs into my mouth.  The one thing with this aspirator is that you do need to ensure that both your child and you are upright.  The aspirator doesn’t work it if it tilted up the child’s nose, it needs to be parallel with the child’s head.

We would definitely recommend both of these products and they have great price points. You can find the aspirator at Babies R Us for $24.99 as well as the thermometer for $24.99.  Stay in touch with all things Graco on facebook at

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