One year touchpoint first steps and sleep changes


One year touchpoint first steps and sleep changes

March 21, 2015

It is very common for your almost one year old to have sleep problems.  The sleep problems may be new after your baby was sleeping through the night, or may be continued from the four month sleep regression.

The 12 month old sleep regression is due to a lot of brain development. Your baby may be crawling, scooting, sitting up, pulling up, cruising, and so on. Your baby is also continuing to absorb your language and beginning to put things into categories, such as learning something is a cat, regardless of color or size. On top of the developmental milestones, many babies are also getting their first teeth or more teeth.

Here Joshua Sparrow, MD Child Psychiatrist & Author, explains the development changes that a child goes through around the age of twelve months, including taking their first steps and sleep changes :



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