Creative ways to put your baby to sleep


Creative ways to put your baby to sleep

April 4, 2015

Written by: @GabDiesendorf

There is nothing more adorable and sweet than a baby’s smile. Except when it’s time to sleep. Your baby could be the most adorable baby on the planet, but once you realize it will not sleep when it’s time (even though you can barely keep your eyes open), things stop being cute and become hard instead. You can plan, you can read dozens of books, talk to your mom and your friends who have kids, you can even browse the web in search of the best possible solution which will put your baby to sleep. In hopes that we can help you, here we go:

Try infant massage

All you need is a soft blanket and a flat surface to put your baby on while you massage them. Cover the areas you don’t massage with a blanket and remember to always keep your hands on your baby’s skin. Use mild lotion and start slowly massaging their head, forehead, nose and cheeks; then chest, arms, fingers, legs and toes. You don’t have to be the expert to do this, just keep eye contact and talk or sing all the time while you’re massaging. If you like, maybe you could try showering together with your baby and massage them while you’re in the shower. The sound of water and your closeness will clam the baby.


Magic swaddle

Believe it or not, babies love being swaddled when they’re young. The love of freedom and free movements comes later, when they grow up a bit, but when they’re young, they like to be swaddled. The feeling reminds them of their mother’s womb and they love it. Baby swaddling is one of the easiest ways to get your baby to fall asleep faster, and sleep longer. You can even wrap yourself up with your baby in a big mama-baby-bun. Once they grow up, you can keep using the swaddle on their torso and leave their arms out.

Soothe them, but not to sleep

Try soothing and calming your baby before you put them to sleep. They like the feeling and the movement like when they were in the womb, so walk them around the room in your arms or in your stroller rock them or bounce them gently. You can even put your child in a baby basket and place it on a dishwasher; vibrations will calm them and make them drowsy. Once they are drowsy, but still awake, lay them down to sleep. It may take you some time before you find the perfect point, but don’t get nervous and give yourself some time.

White noise

Not only will white noise or some calming music help your baby to relay, but it will do wonders for your nerves as well. Download some soothing music on our iPod or buy baby music CD. They will learn to associate calming sounds with sleeping and will sleep more peacefully even when they grow up. Even some ordinary sounds like vacuum cleaner, dishwasher or hair dryer can calm your child. Nevertheless, make sure you don’t always use your machines, try finding a recording of these sounds as a replacement.


Use their sense of smell

When you put them down in the crib, put the clothes you usually wear when you are breastfeeding them in there too. The smell will remind them of you and will give them the feeling that you are near. You can also use some essential oils such as lavender, vanilla, and chamomile to soothe them too. Be careful not to use too much of it, and only to use it when you’re putting your baby to sleep, so it would connect the smell with peaceful sleep.

Some of these will work for your baby while the others will not. As is the case with the people surrounding you, babies differ among themselves as well. Some babies sleep through the night in no time while others take years and drive their parents insane in the meantime. In the end, you can always make some big plans for the outdoor baby activity, and the baby will ruin your plans by falling asleep as soon as you get ready.

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