Review: Cloud B Charley the Chameleon


Review: Cloud B Charley the Chameleon

April 13, 2015


Charley the Chameleon from Cloud b is a premium plush cuddly companion that helps children transition from play time to sleep time with scales that light up to ease fear of the dark and soothing sounds that help make every kid feel safer at night. Children’s imagination lights up as Charley projects a rainbow of colours and plays delightful night sounds. Kids can choose between three LED light options to morph between amber, blue or green. This plush body pillow is the perfect companion for kids that are transitioning from crib to their own big bed!

Charley the ChameleonTM features:charley-the-chameleon-lifestyle-sm

  • 2 soothing sounds: Rain Forest and Tropical Tunes
  • 45-minute sleep timer
  • light /sound options :
    • Press 1x ON + Rain Forest + transitional lights (colours transition gradually to the next)
    • Press 2x Tropical Tunes + strobing lights (colors jump to the next)
    • Press 3 x Lights only – transitional
    • Press 4 x OFF


“Our family has been lucky to have reviewed several of the cloud b toys over the last few years.  We have always been very happy with the quality and the kids have loved them all.

We received Charley the Chameleon and I decided to save it for an Easter gift for my two year old.  My 6 year old daughter was pretty jealous when he opened it!  He absolutely loves it and this has been the best cloud b product we have reviewed

First of all, it is very cuddly.  Often, any toys that light up or have music aren’t, because of the mechanical bits inside Charley is super soft and the type of bedtime toy that can be snuggled – just like any non-lighting stuffie.  Charley’s lights and musical are controlled by 2 buttons in its front feet.  The right controls the volume of the sound and the left controls lights on, off and music or ambient sound.  By pressing the left foot once, it turns a rainforest sound on with slow transitional lights.  Pressing twice plays a song (tropical, to match the theme of Charley!) along with strobe lights.  Pressing three times is just slow transitioning lights and four times turns Charley off.  Charley will also automatically shut off after 45 minutes.

We also have a 9 week old baby and there were a few days last week that he had trouble sleeping for more than 20 minutes at a time.  I decided to try putting Charley in his crib and the lights calmed him right now and gave me a bit more time to get some things done while he rested and laid content with Charley.photo2

This is a great toy and has been reminding me of my glow worm I had as a child.  It is basically a softer, more snug-able version!  We also have the Firefly Frog by cloud b and what appeals to me more about Charley is the fact that he is long like the glow worm was, so it tucks under a child’s arm perfectly.

This toys is a win and I could recommend it for nearly any age; babies who need soothing, toddlers transitioning from crib to bed or older children who might be afraid of the dark.  Our family highly recommends it!”

Charley will be available October 15th at independent toy, gift and baby stores across Canada for $39.99

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