Teething Babies and The Munch Mitt


Teething Babies and The Munch Mitt

April 15, 2015

We are on baby number three and although he’s only about 2 months old, I know from my first 2 kids that teething is just around the corner.  My kids seem to teeth early, but continue being super drooly until 2.5 or even 3!  My 2 year old wears several bibs a day STILL!  Fortunately, our kids didn’t have much more than maybe a bit of a cold when teething – we didn’t have any sleepless nights or really fussy days.  This baby might be different – there are a lot of signs that a baby might be teething:

  • Biting
  • Drooling (we know ALL about this one in our family – shirts sometimes don’t last an hour!)
  • Gum rubbing
  • Sucking
  • Irritability
  • Wakefulness
  • Ear rubbing
  • Facial rash
  • Decreased appetite
  • Mild temperature

I remember with my first child, I bought Sophie the Giraffe because everyone said we just HAD to have it. While I do think she enjoyed gumming it to death, it seems like it was on the floor more than it was in her mouth and if we were out, once it fell – that was it for Sophie! You also have to be careful washing Sophie or she will loose her squeak if water gets inside the air hole. We couldn’t really find anything that she could keep a grip on.  Even once she had more coordination and dexterity, once the teething toy was wet, it was also really slippery!

It is also good to keep in mind that the old fashioned teething supports that you are supposed to freeze are not a good idea.  Studies have shown that you can actually do more damage than good with those as contact with extreme cold can be harmful to babies mouths and gums.  The idea of a cool wash cloth is a good one, but remember, moist wash clothes are a breeding ground for germs.  With my first I could have probably kept on top of that, but with 3, baby Landon would surely be sticking a dirty wash cloth in his mouth!  All of the other teethers were good for a few minutes while I was right there helping them to not drop it, but once I turned away, it was on the floor and baby was ready to chew on something else.

The average baby is really at the height of teething between 4 – 8 months.  My kids both had their first teeth rupture the gum by the 4 month mark, so I can only assume that we are probably less than 8 weeks away from teething.  I can already hear him in his crib when he first wakes up from nap or bedtime if he has gotten his hand out of his swaddle.  He loves sucking and smacking away on his fist already!

Lipstick Kisses

We were asked to check out a new teething product, the Munch Mitt. What really caught my eye with this innovative product (which OF COURSE was created by a super smart mom!) is that it is undroppable.  How is a teething toy undroppable?  Well – it is actually a mitt that goes right onto the babies hand!  It can go on and stay on and baby can chew away on it.  It is recommended that the mitt can be used until baby can remove it themselves.  For babies that really love to chew and suck on their little fists and fingers, the Munch Mitt will protect their hands from getting chapped and dry as well.

We are super eager to try out this new product.  A follow up post will come with our thoughts on the mitt!  Learn more now by visiting www.munchmitt.com 

Munch Mitt Image



I am taking part in the Munch Mitt Teething Mitt blog  campaign. While I have received compensation as part of my affiliation with this program, the opinions shared are my own.

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