Review: Summer Infant Born Free Bottle Genius


Review: Summer Infant Born Free Bottle Genius

May 1, 2015

Bottle GeniusThe Born Free Bottle Genius™ takes the hassle out of getting bottles ready for baby.  As a one-stop station, it prepares baby bottles at the perfect temperature, ready to serve to baby.

We received our Bottle Genius a few weeks ago and now that we have been using it, I can tell you that for any families that are using any amount of formula – be it once per day or all the time, this is a super gadget! It was very easy to put together with simple instructions.  Once it was assembled it just needed a quick wash of the parts, a run through of straight water and it was ready to go.

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Our 3 month old has been sleeping through the night for almost 2 months now (super sleeper!) but if we were a family that needed to bottle feed in the night – this ensures that the temperature and measuring are accurate, which can be tricky to do on your own as a sleep deprived parent at 3am.  I try to pump whenever I can to make a bottle if I am going to be out for a few hours, but on the days that pumping just doesn’t happen with 3 kids in the house to take care of and no time to sit and pump, the Bottle Genius is a life saver.  I know that Grandma or the sitter can easily make the perfect bottle without me having to explain anything more than what button to hit.  The Bottle Genius remembers the number of ounces from the last use, so I can turn it on, set the ounces and then place a bottle under the spout and voila – the sitter can make a bottle exactly like I would.  It doesn’t mix the bottle; water and formula come out in different intervals and you do have to swirl the bottle a bit (I don’t like to shake in case we are adding air into the bubbles, which could give baby gas)  From the time you kit the start button, the bottle is warm and ready in about 15 seconds.

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If you are a family that is only bottle feeding, this is a must have in your home.  The heating of the water is amazing!  You can boil water in advance and just fill up the water jug in the back of the unit.  The machine is smaller than a coffee maker and doesn’t take up much room at all.  So many moms have the intention of nursing for the first year until baby can transition to cows milk.  With my first – she exclusively nursed until around 8 months when we were away on a holiday.  Suddenly, she screamed at the breast and went nearly 2 days without nursing.  I called our doctor and he suggested that we buy some formula and then bring her in when we got back home and that it might just be a ‘nursing strike.’  She never did want to nurse again, so our plans of nursing for a year went to the wayside and we had to use formula for about 4 months.  I wish I had a bottle genius then!  Our second was easy – bottle or breast until about one when he went to a sippy cup.  With our third, I do my best to top him up with a pumped bottle before bed, but if we can’t get a whole bottle made in a day, we use the Bottle Genius.  Daddy is also more confident in making a bottle and putting baby to bed.

I highly recommend this product!  It really is “genius!”


Features:Bottle Genius Dial

  • Easy to Use dial for 2 ounce to 10 ounce serving & push button; Accurate measurements weighs and measures out formula and water with SmartScale
  • Works with all major bottle & powder formula brands; Holds enough water to make 8 four ounce bottles; Holds ~300 grams of formula enough for 2-3 daysBottle Genius Controls
  • Time and energy efficient heats desired amount of water on-demand for baby, or dispenses water at room temperature
  • Cleaning cycle – allows you to sanitize entire system
  • BPA-Free* (all components which come into contact with water and formula powder for bottle preparation are BPA-free)

The Born Free Bottle Genius retails for $169.99 at

Bottle Genius Lift


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