Having Babies – At a Younger or Older Age!


Having Babies – At a Younger or Older Age!

May 9, 2015

Written by: Lisa Coffey

“The moment you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on for so long”- Anonymous

It’s always been surprising to me when people hold strong-opinions about the reproductive choices of others, so I am pretty sure that you already must have been holding your own very opinion about the most suitable age to pop-out!1

I personally know close family relatives who had their babies at an age close to “35 and 37” and trust me it simply didn’t go unobserved both by our families as well as even by the strangers in the shopping mall!

And out-of-curiosity, I performed a bit online research to check about the ‘ideal’ age of having a baby. Many scientists claim that the optimum age, considering all the social, physical as well as economical aspects, is 32. Now I don’t understand how appropriate this claim is, as I am pretty familiar with many truly smart and stable in their twenties as well as fully-pissed-up poor in their forties.

I personally feel that physically your best bet would be somewhere in between 16 to 18 years old, but economically, ummmm ,,,,, it’s never!

I gave birth to adorable twins in my thirties and I had my own share of experiences. So in this article I am putting a list of just a few factors (though some might feel that it’s based on nothing) which I feel are the advantages for bearing babies at either phase of your biological clock.

When you’re Younger:

  • Newer apparatus! 

Each of the gears and equipments aren’t cranking as long, so the apparatus would recuperate a bit faster; additional benefit would be a lesser miscarriage and birth-defects risks.

  • Surplus energy!

Well I understand there are many veteran spit-fires who believe that they possess surplus energy now more than they possessed in their 20’s but I personally feel that I was better ready to chase my toddler when I was twenty than now when I am in my thirties.

  • Younger support system!

It’s possible that you’re expecting when you’re 20 and your mother was 20 when she was expecting you and as a result your mom is a 40-year old rocking-grandma. Now that’s called a Perfect-Support-System.

  • Your kids are getting older while you’re still young!

Well, how overwhelming it would be to bid goodbyes to your children leaving-for-college when you’re just 40. And they could even pick-you-up from the pub when you’re too-drunk-to-drive!

  • You could enjoy the company of grandkids and probably great-grandkids!

Yes! That’s a big possibility when you’re 40, your kids might be expecting too (to carry the family trend). And likewise it’s your responsibility now to act as strong support system for you future generation.

When you get Older:

  • Wealth and career!

Now it might not be a big manage to have a baby in case you own a reputable career as well as sound bank balance. And by the time you’re in your mid-thirties, probably you’re pretty much monetarily steady comparatively when you were in your twenties. Having babies is quite expensive and though it may sound blunt, the more funds you possess, the better options you have to support them.

·         Solid Support system!

By this time you surely would’ve built-up a firm support system. You probably got line of friends including mothers and being around them will certainly prepare you to get ready to attain motherhood! Having a baby can be a tedious task, so it’s always nice to have friends who can provide vital info, suggest good-books, maternity outfits, doctors and yoga-classes.

·         Relationship-status!

By this time usually women are into solid relationships. And a partner-by-your-side really makes it easy for you as you’ll need him to share you experience with. Young women who’re going through failed or struggling relationships might not get the similar sort of support. In your thirties, chances are strong that you already have-a-partner who’ll help you out throughout your pregnancy (even during the delivery) and would be right there holding your hands when your baby is born!

  • Maturity!

A woman in her thirties surely would possess more knowledge than a girl who just left her college or school. And though younger women are more energetic, women in their thirties or forties are certainly more aware about their maternity health and are far more concerned about how it can impact their babies. They’re even aware about each and every risk involved in having babies during later end of their biological clock and certainly would take cautious steps to remain as healthy as possible.

So whether you prefer to have babies when you’re younger or older or the decision is accidental, I personally consider there are distinct benefits to both sides, however, you do require love, protection as well as guidance for having a baby at the end of the day and you can achieve that – at any age!

So the people who hold the opinion that a woman is way too old or way too young to deliver a baby should know that they are not relating their views to younger ladies who possess the energy to kick their butts or older dames who very well know how to dispose of their bodies!


Author Bio – As a clinician with years of medical experience, Lisa brings a leading approach to maternity wear design fusing her knowledge as a Women’s Health specialist, awareness of current design trends and her unique style. With the introduction of mommyliciousmaternity, the needs of the prenatal body are embraced throughout the entire pregnancy. Mommylicious maternity apparel inspires women to enjoy a healthy and active pregnancy.

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