Review: Weleda White Mallow Collection


Review: Weleda White Mallow Collection

May 28, 2015

Soothing care to relieve itching caused by dryness


Weleda’s new Baby Derma White Mallow Collection includes three dermatologically-proven products that soothe even the most highly sensitive skin. Awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™, our 100% certified-natural Baby Derma White Mallow Collection harnesses the power of organic white mallow, pansy and precious plant oils to calm irritated skin and strengthen its natural protective barrier. Organic white mallow and coconut oil leave your precious little one’s skin feeling velvety soft and smooth.

Ideal for children (newborn and up) with highly sensitive or atopic skin, as well as babies born into families with a history of highly sensitive skin or atopic skin.


Our family was chosen to review Weleda’s new White Mallow skin care line.  It includes a body lotion, face lotion and diaper rash cream.  My husband and I aren’t prone to sensitive skin, but our 2 year old has had skin irritations on and off since birth.  He has had facial eczema flair ups quite often and as a major drooler (for nearly 2 years!) that made it worse.  During his last flair up, we tried everything.  I have had so many lotions and potions that just didn’t work.  A few times, we have gone to the doctor for a steroid cream for both diaper rashes and painful redness around his mouth and on his cheeks.  When Weleda said they had a line that could possibly help, I was very eager to try it!  Our sons doesn’t like thick, pasty lotions and a few have even stung a bit on his sores.  Even a Kiehl’s seemed to hurt him.  What I really liked about Weleda’s face cream is that it is nice and light; very creamy and not pasty at all.  The only complaint he has occasionally is the smell of the lotion – if you have a child that is hyper sensitive to smells; maybe give it a smell first!  By no means is it is a fragrance, which is nice to know as that would certainly be an irritant in our case.  I imagine it is just one of the ingredients that he is smelling.  We haven’t had a diaper rash since we started using the line, but I did use it a few times after swimming before putting on his vaseline at bedtime as that is sometimes when we can see a rash pop up.

I am using the body lotion on both our baby and our toddler.  I love how it isn’t greasy and rubs in easily without any mess.  The boys love their post bath massages with Weleda’s body cream.  Our family also uses the baby body wash/shampoo line if anyone out there is looking for a great baby soap.  We love everything Weleda!

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