4 things you should consider when buying a rug for your kids


4 things you should consider when buying a rug for your kids

June 12, 2015

Written by: @GabDiesendorf

When buying anything for your child, it represents a special kind of bittersweet torture because you want them to like what you have chosen, but you still want them to develop their own taste. In addition, you want them to be safe, so you will always choose the products of the highest quality which you will be sure will last for years. Here is what you should keep in mind when buying a rug for your kids’ room:

The size

Consider the size of the room you are buying the rug for in the first place and think of the following: do you want the rug which will cover the entire floor or are you looking for something smaller? What area is okay to stay uncovered – under the wardrobe and bed or near the windows? Make a decision or at least know you options before you buy a rug this will save you a lot of energy and spare you the frustration when you discover that the rug you just bought is simply too small/big for the room.bc-xia-41504-2

The materials

First thing you need to make sure is that your child is not allergic to certain materials. If it is, it is not a big deal, since manufacturers these days keep that in mind and make rugs of pretty much anything – cotton, nylon, sheep skin and wool… you will surely find something that will suit your kid and you at the same time. Also, you should keep another practical detail in mind – how will you clean it? Is it machine-washable or will you have to do it by hand? Is it delicate and can it be vacuumed easily? All these things may seem irrelevant once you see a beautiful rug, but it’s worth considering when shopping as well.

Colours and patters

To be honest, this is probably the most important thing for your kids when it comes to rugs. They will not care about its shape, size, materials, and whether it was handmade or factory made. The only thing they are concerned with is whether it’s colourful and whether it has their favourite superhero or their favourite animal on. Make sure you don’t buy something that will stand out too much from the rest of the room, but do choose something colourful and patterned. Zebras, monkeys, and owls on kid rugs will always capture their attention and attract them to play on it, and that is, you will agree, the most important part.ka-117-jungle-1

The cost

You should not forget about this important aspect, though. Seeing the most wonderful rug in the world will surely make you want to buy it that very instant and take it home, because you are absolutely in love with it. Before you do this, make sure you check the price tag first. Some rugs really cost a small fortune, depending on the manufacturer and the materials used, and before you set out on a shopping spree make sure you know just how much is too much for your wallet. Once you set the limit, you will feel more comfortable and way less disappointed.

Rugs are great, they are pretty and very useful at the same time, and they can last for many years of taken café of properly. If you choose the right rug for your kids, they will love it and always think of it with tenderness. They will outgrow it for sure, but they will have many years of careless playing on it before it happens.

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