Must Have Baby Items!


Must Have Baby Items!

July 19, 2015


Our head office received a package filled with fantastic samples including a Graco thermometer and nasal aspirator, Nuby Clik It Cups, Nuby spoons and one of our favourite bottle lines, the Joovy Boob bottles.  We also got a really cool item, the Neckerchew.


The Graco nasal aspirator (aka – snot sucker!) is a really neat tool.  I think the nasal aspirators where you use your own inhaling breath to help clear babies nose works a bit better, but I have to say, I ALWAYS get a sore throat and a bit sick when I use them.  I know they come with filters where germs are not supposed to get through, but I always seem to get the germs.  The Graco aspirator needs to be used as shown in the manual (you must hold the aspirator upright and parallel to the babies body) for it to work properly.  My two year old LOVES it and is more than willing to let us use it on him.  There are 2 attachments included depending on the age of baby and size of nostril.

Read our review of the Graco Thermometer here: Aspirator/Thermometer review




The Nuby Clik It Cups are amazing – they don’t leak and are awesome for bedtime – both my 6 and 2 year old get one filled with ice water for their bed/crib and it doesn’t spill.  Nuby also makes spoons, which we received and they are heat safe and change colour so you know when food is too hot.  This is so great for when a sitter might be feeding baby – just one more safety precaution!

Cheeky Chompers

The Neckerchew is such a cool innovation.  I wish it was just a bit bigger as it seems a bit small, even for my 5 month old, but he enjoys grabbing at it and chewing on it nonetheless!  The Neckerchew is available at Babies“R”us and is carried in the following patterns: Preppy Stripes, French Chic, Simple Classic, Polka Dot Pink, Polka Dot Blue, Twinkle Twinkle, Cool Pink, Flutterby, Dino Friends, Uni-Stripe, Chewy & Co, Farmer Joules and Ditsy.  It retails for $22.99



By far our favorite product in the package is the Joovy Boob bottle collection.  I love how wide the mouth of the bottle is – you don’t need a bottle brush to clean the bottles.  They have a great ergonomic shape and are easy for both mom and baby to hold.  The nipple works well, even for babies that are primarily breast fed.  My son had no problem taking pumped milk from it. The BOOB bottles are available in plastic and glass. Some bottles come with add-ons such as insulators and sleeves. like the one shown below.  The sleeve can be removed for when you are at home (one less step when washing the bottles) but the sleeve works great when you are on the run. The plastic bottles are available in 5oz and 9oz and 11oz. The Glass bottles are available in 5oz and 8oz. The sleeves are available in the following colours Blue, Pink, Green and Yellow. The BOOB line is being carried at Buy Buy Baby (get on their email list to receive 20% off coupons!) Currently, Buy Buy Baby is only located in Edmonton, AB, but they are located throughout the US.

  • The Joovy Boob Baby Bottle offers state of the art features that make feeding easier and more convenient. The unique one-piece CleanFlow vent provides consistent venting regardless of how the bottle is held
  • The vent’s tabs fit perfectly into the bottle’s neck, ensuring a proper fit and eliminating leaks or inconsistent liquid flow.
  • The bottle does not require assembly and there is no need to touch any part that comes in contact with the milk or formula.
  • Made from durable polypropylene plastic, each bottle is individually shrink-wrapped to deliver the highest level of cleanliness.
  • The 5-ounce bottle includes a Stage 1 nipple (slow; 0+ Months) 


Thanks to Graco & Brands for sending all of these great products for our babies to try out!

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