Well.ca CEO Rebecca’s The Honest Company Picks


Well.ca CEO Rebecca’s The Honest Company Picks

August 28, 2015


Rebecca is Well.ca’s amazing CEO AND a mom to two little kids – a 15 month old son, and a 3.5 year old daughter. That’s her and her adorable son Jack rocking his The Honest Company diapers in the photos above! Like so many of us, she’s a busy parent who wants to use the best possible products for her kids, which is the same reason that The Honest Company was born.


Read on to learn about Rebecca’s top 3 products and why she loves them:

The Honest Company Diapers I have a lot of family and friends in the United States who are always raving about The Honest Company’s diapers. I never really understood why until I finally got the chance to try them on my 15 month old son. Watching Jack run around the beach with his little anchor print diapers is the cutest! They’re just as just as absorbent as my usual go-to diapers, but without that ‘diaper’ smell (parents you know what I am talking about here!). I also really like that they stay snug against his skin at the back and don’t gap like my current diapers.  They are super soft, chlorine-free, and hypoallergenic – perfect for my son’s sensitive skin. Plus, they’re ridiculously cute. Seriously, how adorable are these prints?


The Honest Company Baby Wipes

These are my absolute favourite Honest Company product I have tried. I love them! They are more ‘cloth’ like than ‘wipe’ like which makes for a nicer experience.  They may be slightly more expensive then other brands, but I find I don’t use as many at a time so a pack of Honest wipes lasts me a lot longer than the wipes I have used in the past.  They are everything you need in a baby wipe and more. They’re thick and sturdy, they don’t fall apart, and they’re moist enough to get the job done without being too wet. As a mom, I also love that they’re made with a gentle botanical blend that’s great for my kids’ eczema-prone skin. And I love that they’re also amazing for adults – I keep a pack in my purse to use on my kids on myself.


The Honest Company Face + Body Lotion Rounding out my top 3 picks is the nourishing, moisturizing Face + Body Lotion. It’s got a great creamy texture that absorbs into skin quickly with no greasy residue, and a light, pleasant scent. My favourite thing about it is that it’s pure, allergy-friendly, and plant-based, which is a must when you have kids that have sensitive skin. And I love that the whole family can use it! I keep one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen as I am constantly moisturizing their dry skin all day long (I will save my blog on being a mom of kids with eczema for another day!


2 Responses to “Well.ca CEO Rebecca’s The Honest Company Picks”

  1. Leah says:

    Have you been able to find the wipes in Canada? Specifically Toronto, or even a Canadian website? I have been ordering them from Cali and the shipping is killer, especially now with the weak dollar.

    • Kori says:

      Hi Leah,
      If you click the link for the Baby Wipes it goes to Well.ca which I believe is Canadian (they are showing $6 shipping for me or free with a $25 order).

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