Kids Only VIP Room vs Babysitters


Kids Only VIP Room vs Babysitters

September 10, 2015

Written by: @nika_kask

So, you have decided to have children at your wedding. Since weddings tend to be long and tiring for the young ones, you now need to figure out how to accommodate all of them and make the party a fun and joyous occasion for the youngsters and their parents as well. Then, there is also the budgetary issue. Can you afford to make any additional festivities just for kids?

Children at wedding

Here are some of the options to consider.

Kids Only Area

Reception-within-a-reception just for kids is the hottest wedding trend these days. If you have got the budget for it, it is a winner – the kids will have the time of their lives, while their parents will be able to relax not having to keep an eye on their offspring. Carefully planned kid-friendly activities will make you feel more comfortable too, as you won’t have to fear that some crying and cranky kid will ruin your ceremony.

The best way to entertain them is to give them something to do. Organize a wedding-themed scavenger hunt. Send them on a quest to look for desserts, flower bouquets, or items of certain colour. Place a wedding favour at each child’s seat containing stuff like bubbles, crayons, puzzles, snacks, etc. Organize a crafts corner where the little ones will put their creative energy to good use. Have them bake play dough cookies or decorate cupcakes. Include aprons because you don’t want them to stain their pretty little tuxedos and flower girl dresses.

Kids at wedding

Set up a tent in one corner and stock it with children’s books and movies, beanbags, and blankets. They will have a quiet spot to settle down towards the end of the day. You can also add video games or board games. Photo booths are another growing trend. Be sure to supply them with props like silly hats, oversized sunglasses, fake mustaches, or feathers. It is also a great way to capture fun moments. If the reception venue has a garden, organize outdoor games such as hopscotch, lawn bowling, or Twister.

Wedding Babysitters

This is a bit more expensive option, but it provides the ultimate solution. There are now mobile nursery agencies that specialize in wedding childcare. You can choose between on or off-premises babysitting. In any case, there is usually one sitter for every three children, and they charge per kid per hour. The team brings all the equipment and sets up a playroom. They are responsible for the children and their entertainment the entire course of the wedding, and you can also include a sleepover.

Wedding Babysitter

If you opt for the off-premises option, for example accommodating all the children in a hotel near the reception site, you might ask the parents to share the expenses. They would have paid for a babysitter anyways had they left their child at home. There is a more affordable option as well – find a local sitter who will man only the kids’ table.

The imperative here is to double check the background and references of the babysitting service, and maybe even hand out these to parents to make them feel more comfortable about leaving their precious ones in the hands of the sitters.

Are you having second thoughts about having a children-friendly wedding? Are there any other ideas that are perhaps more affordable?

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