Review: Bio Oil


Review: Bio Oil

September 16, 2015


BioOil-ingredientsOnce met with skepticism, beauty oils now represent a strong trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Store shelves around the world offer a growing array of beauty oils that span the gamut of skin and hair care: facial oils, body oils, hair conditioning and colouring oils, nail and cuticle oils, and cleansing oils. Oils are becoming an important part of the global skincare industry, and also an important part of our daily skincare regimen.

  • Bio-Oil is light and non-greasy: it is rapidly absorbed, non-comedogenic/non-acnegenic, hypo-allergenic and safe for sensitive skin.
  • Bio-Oil is innovative: its unique formula helps to maximize skin’s elasticity while locking in moisture. Bio-Oil’s proprietary ingredient, PurCellin Oil™, reduces the viscosity of formula, delivers vitamins and plant extracts to where they are needed quickly, and forms a barrier to help prevent moisture loss.
  • Bio-Oil delivers proven results: clinical studies demonstrate the efficacy of Bio-Oil in improving the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, and aging facial and neck skin.

This is why moms, midwives, beauty experts and celebrities alike are experiencing the benefits of Bio-Oil and recommending it to others. Here is what the reviewers at Mommy Connections had to say about Bio-Oil:


“I started using a generic brand of Vitamin E lotion on my tummy since the day I found out I was pregnant.  The last 3 months of my pregnancy I switched to use Bio-Oil exclusively. I assumed I had stayed on top of it and thought there was no way I could get stretch marks. To my surprise after I had my daughter I found … image2STRETCH MARKS! I continued using Bio-Oil after delivery and within a few weeks noticed the stretch marks were diminishing and within a couple of months they were almost completely gone! I am now a huge Bio-Oil fan and will continue to use it daily and experience the additional benefits Bio-Oil has to offer. I am especially excited to use Bio Oil as an after shave moisturizer for my legs and can’t wait to see the results.”

~ Sara ~

“I have used Bio-Oil in the past during pregnancy to relieve my ever itching tummy and prevent stretch marks, it did a wonderful job of both.  I ended up with slight stretch marks , but they lightened as I continued to use it.  When I go to baby showers I usually include a bottle in my gift as a special treat for the mom to be.

I received a bottle for the purpose of a honest review,  while I am not currently battling stretch marks I thought I would put Bio-Oil to the test.  I used it to soften my rough heels and elbows and it has really helped, also for the purpose of shaving.  I find that it absorbs nicely and has a nice light scent.  I would recommend Bio-Oil and and it will continue to be a beauty staple for me.”

~ Lynn ~


“I first heard of Bio-Oil over 10 years ago, when a friend of my was pregnant and sheBio-Oil2 swore by it for stretch marks… Well a few years later I developed an adrenal disorder called Cushing’s disease… And unfortunately one of the predominant symptoms is rapid weight gain, within one month I gained 63 pounds. I was devastated, my stomach, chest and thighs had angry red welt-like stretch marks, and I was desperate to help ease the scarring these marks cause. It was then that my friend suggested Bio-Oil and I decided to give it a try, and I was so relieved when it helped ease and lighten my scars, today they are almost invisible! I have used Bio-Oil to help deal with the marks that come with the flare ups associated with Cushing’s and massive weight gains and slow losses,  and I have never been disappointed. So, when I became pregnant in my early 30’s I knew I would use Bio-Oil throughout my pregnancy. I gained 34 pounds while carrying my 10 pound 4 ounce baby and only got a very slight marking on my belly and with the help of Bio-Oil my marks were cleared with in weeks of having my son! I also love Bio-Oil to help easy my dry itchy skin, particularly after shaving. I grew up in a very moist environment so our dry cold winters here in Alberta, really are noticeable when it comes to my skin, but Bio-Oil always relieves the itch. I recommend Bio-Oil to all my friends who are worried about stretch marks or even dry skin, I find the scent of the oil to be quite pleasant as well. Overall I think it is Definitely worth purchasing because you can always find a way to put it to good use!”

 ~ Wendy ~

“Bio-Oil was gifted to me a few years ago when I was trying to fade a scar I had from a hernia operation.  My scar was not too prominent but i found that Bio-Oil helped to fade the scar.  I received a bottle of Bio-Oil for the purpose of a review and while I’m not actively trying to fade any scars or stretch marks I thought I would use it for some of its other uses.  I have  been using it to shave, it helps get a close shave and my legs were silky smooth and irritation free. I also have found it helpful for moisturizing rough areas like elbows and heels.  It’s a multi-use product that has a place in any beauty cabinet.”

~ Jamie ~


Bio-Oil’s moisturizing properties and ability to lock in moisture make it an effective all-over skin moisturizer for face and body while providing anti-aging skincare support. Bio-Oil can also be used to gently remove makeup, condition nails and cuticles, soften dry heels and elbows, tame split ends and frizzies, soften and condition lips, relieve itchiness, soothe skin after shaving, and as a moisturizing bath oil.

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