The Benefits of Bio-Oil: My Personal Success Story


The Benefits of Bio-Oil: My Personal Success Story

September 23, 2015

Written by: By Nanny Robina

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If you’re a mom or mom-to-be, chances are you know about Bio-Oil. Many of us find out about Bio-Oil during pregnancy because it’s clinically proven to reduce the appearance stretch marks and scars, such as Cesarean scars. I’ve also found out that Bio-Oil’s moisturizing properties make it an excellent face and body moisturizer, and it’s great for softening cuticles as well as those rough heels and elbows. All those great benefits aside, I want to share with you my own personal Bio-Oil experience…

My Bio-Oil story began last September. As many of my followers know, I had breast surgery, a reduction to be precise. The surgery went well; the pain was minimal, however the scarring? Well, that was a different story. I felt like the bride of Frankenstein when the dressings came off!

I had been given a cream by the surgeon, however it was a tiny tube and very costly. So, once I finished the tube, I decided to ask around to see what others had used. Bio-Oil was recommended again and again. First off, I loved the price — it was so much less costly than what I’d been using. I had always thought of Bio-Oil for pregnancy stretch marks, and I did not know much more about it at the time. So I decided I would give it a try.

Within three months, I noticed a difference not only with the scars but also with the dryness and itching. The new scarring is clearing up nicely and I am super pleased to report my breasts are looking so much better – I can hardly believe the transformation, in more ways than one!

Bio-Oil is now part of my daily routine, not only for post-surgery treatment of scars, but also for my every day skincare.


Robina Uddin, otherwise known as Nanny Robina, is a leading parenting expert. Follow her on Twitter: @NannyRobina  



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