Auto Review: 2016 Lincoln MKC


Auto Review: 2016 Lincoln MKC

September 24, 2015

We love working with Ford Canada and testing out their vehicles from a family perspective.  We were very impressed by the compact 2016 Lincoln MKC.  This is a great vehicle for someone that enjoys driving a car, but wants a higher ride and AWD for winter conditions and comfort.  This vehicle shares the Ford Escape platform to give you more of an idea on size.  It also has many of the same great features as the Escape, such as the foot motion under the rear bumper which makes the tailgate lift.






At first glance, this is a really great looking vehicle.  It isn’t your Grandmother’s Lincoln – it is sleek and modern with great lines.  Although it shares the same platform as the Escape as mentioned above, it definitely doesn’t look like the escape.  It has the recognizable Lincoln grill, which really adds to the esthetics of the front view of the vehicle.  The vehicle also looks a bit longer and perhaps a bit lower that the Escape.  ff4


The back of the vehicle is great looking with clean rounded lines and a nice big truck.  Some drivers may have preferred a bit more back seat leg room and less in the trunk perhaps, but for a driver that doesn’t have a lot of back seat passengers, the truck is a good size.



ford 1

FullSizeRender (1)
My top favourite things about the interior of the car is the push button gear shifting, the panoramic sunroom and the speed limit display on the dashboard.  The front seats are fairly compact, not leaving a ton of room for drinks, phones or purses.  By not having a traditional gear shift and having push button gear shifting on the dash board, this frees up a ton of space between the front seat driver and passenger.  Speaking of push buttons, I’m always a fan of the push button starter as it saves the steering column from key scratches!
ford 11

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The panoramic sunroof is really nice – letting in tons of natural light from the front all the way to the rear of the vehicle.  My kids loved that feature and I really like sun roofs and use my own often.  Lastly, the speed limit posting on the speedometer is a really great option.  Living in a city that is crawling with 50km speed traps, it is nice to know what the limit is when signs seems to be few and far between all too often.  I really wish I had this feature on my own vehicle.forrd 9

Ford has always had a really great control panel display.  On the new MKC, it is even more user friendly.  Connecting a phone to any Ford is always very easy, but it is even easier now!  The options are clear and buttons are easy to navigate through.  Each of the screens have even larger option displays, so it is simple to make changes to the audio, climate control etc while you are driving.

ford 7

ford 6

As I mentioned above, the back seat was quite tight.  We couldn’t fit a car seat behind the drivers seat if my husband (6’4″) was driving.  We could just squeeze one in if I was driving (5’8″)  We were able to get 2 car seats in the backseat, but my daughter, who still requires a booster seat, couldn’t fit her booster between the two boys car seats.  The back seat does have heated seats, if you have non-car seat using passengers!

ford 5
FullSizeRender (2)

The MKC also has the parallel parking feature, which is really great if you are using this on a busy neighborhood street or downtown.  It actually works!  It feels a bit strange at first, but if you just listen to the computers prompts, you can easily perfectly parallel the vehicle.  Sport mode was a really nice feature on this car.  The steering wheel was much tigher and you definitely had more torque off the line.  For those drivers that forget to signal or accidentally drift into another lane, the steering wheel vibrates, altering the driver.  This is a really great safety feature.


Watch out for our Ford Staycation #FocusOnMyCity post next in the all new manual Ford Focus 1.0!


Test Vehicle Pricing – $54425 – learn more at

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