How mom’s level of education influences children


How mom’s level of education influences children

October 9, 2015

Written by: @GabDiesendorf

How mom’s level of education influences children

Traditionally, there are two factors that influence one’s success in life: heritage, i.e. what we inherit from our parents in terms of psychology and attitudes, and behaviour, i.e. what we are surrounded by and what we are most likely to acquire and copy in our own lives.

Fact is, both of these factors have influence, but the latest research puts into focus parents’ influence onto child’s future, especially mother’s. So here are some tips and tricks on how to make a child prosper based on the mother’s level of education.

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Formal education before children come along

One important reason to go to university is to get proper education and to ensure yourself a good job afterwards. Even if we forget we live in a very uncertain society, where having a job today does not imply having it tomorrow, it is always better to be educated than not.

That way, you will be able to get a better job once you are tired of the one you have, and you will also have enjoyed the student’s life while away from home. Majority of people have to move out from their parents and move to a bigger city, so that is where the first steps of future independence are to be made.

Online education after having children

Many people do not even know how to use a PC properly, and that is an enormous shame. Internet today offers a vast array of online education options, and it is up to an individual to just find what he or she is interested in.

The benefits of this kind of education are many: you can stay at home, log in to a lecture when you feel like it, study as long as you like it, take the course at your own pace, to name just a few. Some websites for this kind of education also offer learning materials, full list of references, notes and scripts, and everything is at your disposal. If you were never good at taking chemistry notes at school, the chemistry notes are already there, waiting for you.

Majority of top universities in the world offer their courses for free, with an extra option of earning a degree after you pay some tuition fee, so there are no more excuses.


Why does it matter

Education is much more than just sitting and learning something because someone expects us to do so. One of the reasons to get a good education is to instill in our children the thirst for knowledge and to teach them how to become the best possible version of themselves.

Educated mothers will teach their children better social interaction and how to behave in new and unexpected situations. When a child is in a dilemma or unsure how to react, a mother is always there for him or her.

Children usually do their homework with the help of their parents – again, most often, their mothers. So if a mother can help the right way, with reading and comprehension tasks, the child will prosper very quickly.

A mother who is educated is also more likely to see the first signs of health problems and to react properly. Some parents may neglect an illness or a condition because it does not seem serious enough to visit a doctor, but an educated mother may have friends in the medical school and help her child at the first sing of a change.

Also, a mother who works thanks to her higher level of education can provide her family with better income, and in that way give her child a nicer life. Money is not the most important factor, but we should not forget it does play a role.

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