Cloud b SuperMax and Hedgehog


Cloud b SuperMax and Hedgehog

November 10, 2015

We love reviewing Cloud b products.  They are a favourite in our household.  We have been wanting to try the Twilight Turtle and had the chance to try out SuperMax, The Turtle.  This is a new edition to the Cloud b line up and different than their other products, which are normally plushy fabric.  SuperMax is actually entirely hard; designed specifically so it can be easily sanitized and used in hospital intensive care units, outpatient clinics and at home with immune-compromised children (or just in every day situations as well!)  The turtle was named after a real little boy who was diagnosed with brain cancer.  He had the original Twilight Turtle and he found so much comfort in the turtle that his family wrote to Cloud b to see if they could purchase the original turtle at a discount and give them to children who were fighting cancer, like Max.  Cloud b sent Max’s family a garage full of Twilight Turtles and the MaxLove not-for-profit was born!  Cloud b later designed the hard shell SuperMax turtle with sick children in mind.  Our family has always loved cloud b, but hearing that they are a company that truly cares about the well-being of children is fantastic!


There are only 2 buttons on the turtle; the left button turns on the lights, changes the colour and turns it off.  The button on the right cycles through the colours.  Very easy to use and the starts are really lovely to look at – I turn it on during our bedtime routine of nursing and a cuddle and get to watch the lights as well!  The lights turn off automatically after 45 minutes.

50- turtle

The Cloud b Hedgehog is really cute.  He is soft and cuddly and his tummy lights up, giving a nice soft glow. What is really neat about this product is it can be used to sooth a baby with the soft light and music, but it can continue to be part of the child’s routine once they are in a bed and even help the child to stay in bed longer!  The lullaby and night light automatically shut off after 45 minutes, but there is a 12 hour timer that you set before bed.  The timer will continue to count down.  When the timers reaches the end of the count down, a happy wake up tune will play for 3 minutes before shutting off and a green colour illuminates the Hedgehog’s tummy.  The light stays on for 20 minutes reminding your child that it is okay to get up.  There is also a motion sensor built in; if your child wakes up in the night, the lullaby and night light features will come back on for 45 minutes – the countdown time for the morning will continue to be on.  What a great little sleep toy that will last your child for many years!  My only complaint is that it is really tight to get the timer/light in and out of the Hedgehogs pouch, but my 7 year old as taken this toy over, so she likes to cuddle with the Hedgehog and then have the night light/music part of the toy separate on her night stand, which works great!

hog 50

As always, Cloud b nails it!



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