Peekaboo Beans Winter Collection


Peekaboo Beans Winter Collection

November 10, 2015

I can’t believe I am about to say this as a Mom who loves to dress up her girly-girl, but I think I am actually more excited to shop for my boys now that I have Peekaboo Beans in my life!  Who knew that could happen?  The pictures of the boys clothes in the lookbooks just don’t do them justice.  They are SO DAMN CUTE!  Lucky for me, I have two boys that are born in the same month, 24 months apart and are pretty much the exact same size (even both 9.0lbs at birth!)  My 2 year old is wearing the clothes so much I feel like he is wearing them out.  Well – that isn’t exactly true – I am washing them constantly because he is wearing them constantly, but they still look BRAND NEW.  No wear, they don’t appear to stain like his other clothes and they have the same colouring as the day we received them.  Did I mention the drawstrings on the pants actually work – who knew?!  Now that he isn’t wearing a diaper during the day, he is slow slender – the drawstrings are awesome. Not to mention the fact that you can roll the pants up at the bottom and make it look like a cuff, which will really extend the life of the pants for him.

Boys Sweats


black 2

both boys

What I think my 2 year old really likes about them is that he can pick out his own clothes.  He understands the difference between black and navy.  So, he can easily pair up one of his black toned tops with a pair of black bottoms and can choose his shoes based on that as well.  Having his outfits all match makes it really easy for him to be more independent.  He definitely cares what he wears during the day and what PJ’s he is wearing at night, so Peekabook Beans makes it really easy.

I can’t get over the fabric.  It is soft and warm without being overly thick or heavy.  He can play freely in them and still look really cute.  I am not a big sweatpants lover.  They are okay for the odd quiet day at home, but I would pretty much never dress him in sweats to go out.  I ended up trying 2 pairs of the boys sweats and am I ever glad I did.  They aren’t sloppy, style-less sweats.  They are really cute, well fitting pants that are actually comfortable (as opposed to his skinny jeans, probably!)

I only got my 9 month old baby 1 piece this time – a grey hoodie.  I am planning to try out the sleeper on my next order.Baby hoody

If you can’t tell already, I am hooked.  I believe the term for that is Bean-aholic?  I might need to join a BA support group.

PS – the girls clothes are really adorable too, but girls clothes are pretty much always adorable, and I struggle more with the boys side of things.  I did get Little Miss one outfit this time and is it ever cute – the two tone leggings are great looking and really versatile!


PPS – here is a link to the Holiday Lookbook, which by the way includes some Mommy Beans.  I will be ordering those next!

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  1. Kimberly says:

    It is amazing I fell in love with Peekaboo Beans right away! And then became a Ontario stylist myself! ☺️

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