4 Easy Ways to Everyday Fun!


4 Easy Ways to Everyday Fun!

November 14, 2015

Written by: Ash Stevens

Kids, work, and everyday duties make it so easy to shift into autopilot. Us mommies have a lot on our plate, but as much as we have to do and want to get done, being the best mom we can be is the number one goal. It’s hard to pull off with how quickly the days fly by, but there are some simple ways to tweak the everyday so that we can climb into bed knowing we brought on some awesome mommy-ness.


Photo by Wayne S. Grazio

Mix Up Story Time With Storytelling

Once it comes time to tuck the kids into bed, I’m more ready to sleep than they are. Even though my brain threatens to slip into a luxuriously-sleepy coma, story time must go on. But even when I’m armed with the best plot and pictures, sometimes I’m fighting to read it like I mean it. I need some pizazz and goofiness and spontaneity. That’s where storytelling comes in!

There are so many fun ways to tell stories. You can do a circle where everyone contributes, make a story puzzle where everyone gets a “piece” to tell, enact a song, or create a tale by taking a draw from a jar full of props or topics. If you have the time and the extra paper, yarn, or popsicle sticks, kids could even make their own storytelling aids. This adds a whole new element of fun to jammy time that puts a quality end to everyone’s day. And it comes with all sorts of opportunities. Aside from capturing laughter and attention, storytelling offers the chance to work on important skills like differentiating between past, future, and present and understanding concepts like cause-and-effect. And on days with big events or lessons, it offers the chance to create a related story that deepens their understanding of things.

Storytelling has been used throughout the ages — and for all sorts of good reasons! Give it a try. And if you want to really go heavy on the fun, fashion yourself an amazing story nook by pairing a little creativity with pillows, curtains, or a walk-in closet. It’s guaranteed to be the most coveted spot in the whole house. And storytime will easily compete as the highlight of everyone’s day!

Make That Fridge A Piece Of Art!

The living room gets the most use in our house, but the kitchen brings some fierce competition. That’s because I spend the most time in there and, as we all know, wherever mother goes there are children close behind. Cooking breakfast and dinner can be a long and painful process with hungry bellies and cries for snacks. But while kids may have a thing or two to learn when it comes to patience and waiting, they have the creative focus of Michelangelo. Put their imagination and artsy fingers to work!

Take that giant, humming cold box and turn it into a refrigerator chalkboard! All it takes is a paint job! Not only does it give you a place to jot down all your to-do’s and reminders, but it gives kids a canvas that can be written on and drawn on as quickly as it can be wiped clean. Pull out a piece of chalk and sulking kiddos will get sucked into an artistic vision in a matter of seconds. Not only do you get to have your hands free for kitchen work, but kids get to stay busy and show off their skills. It’s also a great way to get kiddos to show what they’ve been learning for school. And just try to keep yourself from joining in on the doodling. I dare you!

Get A Pet

I put off getting a family pet for a long time. Part of it was finding a place that would allow a pet, but the other part of it was the dread of poop cleanup, lugging around pet food, and becoming the mother of yet another child (albeit a furry one). Well, we finally got a place that made a pet possible. After biting the bullet, I can say that dogs, cats, and bunnies are well worth the poop.

As a mother, we’re bound to take on a big chunk of responsibility with our pets, but there’s plenty of opportunity to teach responsibility too. Feeding, walks, training, and doodie-duty gives the chance to develop routine, patience, awareness, and the ability to “read” nonverbal communication. Animals have been found to be such effective teachers that they’re used in various sorts of animal-assisted therapies. They’re amazing listeners that never judge, and their funny antics and furry tickling are always good for a smile.

So get down on the floor and play around with the kids and that pet! Whether you all want to work on training together, get out for family walks, or spend some time on the floor, animals offer a great way to connect with some simple fun.


Photo by Ursula Le Guin

Turn Cleaning Time Into Family Time

All too often I’ve gotten lost in the everyday to-do’s. My kids are hungry for attention and something to do, but I’m stuck on all the things that I have to get done. So, why not take out two birds with one stone? By assigning simpler tasks to kids, you can get things done quicker and boost their self-worth. Housework offers important lessons that illustrate the value of contribution and help them see the benefits of working together. That’ll pay off in the future bigtime! And while cleaning isn’t exactly my idea of fun, my kids never fail to show me just how interesting and entertaining housework can be. And suddenly, all sense of obligation and seriousness is replaced with laughter and pleasure. A great alternative!

When it comes down to it, quality time doesn’t take money or a clear schedule. It’s really all about seizing the opportunity. Everyday counts when we make everyday count. And there are easy ways to do it! So cheers to all you mamas doing your best to give your best. Keep on rocking!

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