Hottest Star Wars Toys of the Season


Hottest Star Wars Toys of the Season

November 29, 2015

We were asked to review a few Star Wars toys and I was definitely thinking about the hand held action figures.  To be honest, my kids are not Star Wars obsessed, so I was pretty sure we would pass them onto another family to review.  The shipment arrived at our office in two giant boxes – inside were 18″ Star Wars figures.  Super life-like!  My husband who has never mention Star Wars in the 13 years I have known him immediately said that he wanted Darth Vader and the Storm Trooper (to play with, I assume?!)


As I mentioned, my kids haven’t ever seen the movies, nor played with any of the toys.  They LOVE them!  My two year old loves to command the Storm Trooper to “shoot” (and he actually does!) and my daughter likes to use the remote control to move At-At and R2-D2.  The baby likes to watch Darth Vaders light sabre light up.  The toys are definitely not meant to be super rough with or thrown around, but my 2 year old has been taking the Storm Trooper out with us, sleeping with it and definitely not being gentle and it is perfectly fine.

Dad’s seem to love these toys.  We have had a few families over the last 2 weekends since we have had the toys and they are a hit.  The Dad’s could sit and play as long as the kids.  These make a great gift for child (recommended ages 4+) or for the adult Star Wars enthusiast as they look really cool on display.  If you are looking for a special gift this Christmas, head on over to Toys R Us and pick one of these awesome toys up!





 Bring AT-AT to life with walking action.

 Command the AT-AT in all directions: forward, backward, left and right.

 Pre-program commands and press go. AT-AT will follow your instructions.

 Head turns and lights up as it moves.

 Awesome firing action with lights and sound effects

 Dual-joystick programmable infrared remote control that is very user friendly

 Stands 10.5” tall

$139.99 only at Toys R Us







STAR WARSTM -DARTH VADERTM ANIMATRONIC INTERACTIVE FIGURE This deluxe animatronic figure is produced based on digital data from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi.

The Dark Lord’s highly interactive LightsaberTM is powered by new dynamic technology. Hold the Lightsaber and wave it for incredible real time interaction with light and stereo battle sound effects! Raise his left arm and watch him come alive with voice and animated actions! There are three exciting ways to play with Darth Vader:

INTERACTIVE TRAINING/BATTLE MODES: Press his chest panel button to activate the Battle or Training mode. Wave the Lightsaber for awesome light and stereo battle sound effects. When you are ready to train with the Dark Lord, press his chest panel button then quickly hold his right hand and make different Lightsaber moves. The Lightsaber will illuminate with amazing sound effects. Darth Vader will know how you move the Lightsaber and coach you to join him on the dark side.

TALK MODE Raise his left arm for original voice with motorized head, arm and waist actions.


 Deluxe Collector’s Edition

 Original Darth Vader Voice

 Motion-Activated Lightsaber

 U-Control the Lightsaber for Interactive Battle and Training Modes.

 Wave the Lightsaber for instantaneous light and stereo battle sound effects.

 Realistic Lightsaber moves

 Highly poseable with 31 Points of Articulation!

 Height 17”+

 Age recommendation: 4+





Collectors and fans alike will love this Toys“R”Us exclusive, Star Wars: The Force Awakens interactive, 16-inch R2-D2 as he comes to life like never before via instant or pre-programmed commands with the help of an easy-to-use remote controller. Featuring realistic walking, spinning and head turning action in every direction, authentic movie sound effects and lights, everyone’s favorite gutsy droid will follow any Rebel or Jedi command with the press of the controller. R2-D2 will even project Princess LeiaTM on the wall when prompted. Use the 10 buttons to program over 1,000 action combinations!  This toy is recommended for ages 4+, but there is a lot of programming required for the various action combinations, so I think this toy is best for an adult/child duo to play with.


 Bring R2-D2 to life with sound effects, walking and spinning actions.

 Command R2-D2 in all directions: forward, reverse, left and right, or turns.

 Head turns while it makes different sound effects.

 Voice Activated – talk to R2-D2 and he’ll respond to you!

 Pre-program commands and press go. R2-D2 will follow your instructions!

 Projects image of Princess Leia on the wall – this is a really neat feature.  The kids loved watching the projections onto our basement wall where it was nice and dark.

 Height 16” +





Learn more about all of these toys at Website:  All of them are available exlusively from Toys R Us this Holiday Season!  Thanks to Serve PR for organizing these reviews with us!

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  1. Open says:

    I might be useless at rlguear updates to my blog, BUT YOU SIR appear to be a really good dad, well done, although if it was me, rather than going for the light sabre thing, I’d have fashioned her pushchair into some Dalek like contraption.

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