Early Development Programs to Consider for Your Kid


Early Development Programs to Consider for Your Kid

December 11, 2015

Written by: @GabDiesendorf

Rapid cognitive growth period lasts up to the second year of your child’s life. That was the definition given by the famous Piaget. Good news is that you do not have to do it all alone and there are many programs today that can help you help your child making the most of this time and a year after that, as well. Kids from 0-3 years of age will flourish in the programs that offer them a chance to learn all about their surroundings. Here are the top 5 for you to consider.

Nursery Rooms

Mostly, these types of programs are divided into the younger and older baby programs. Up until the first year of age, the majority of activities are about developing the general motor skills and coordination. Basic communication is established with teachers and peers and solids are introduced in the feeding routine. After one year of age, kids are encouraged to self-feed, explore the surroundings, develop their language skills and interact with others. Music becomes a big part of their routine, as well. Some basic arts and crafts can be introduced.1

Toddler Programs

By this time, the kid can be separated from the parents and they have positive social interactions. In this age, programs start to offer activities up to 15 minutes at a time that develop different motor and cognitive skills. Kids learn shapes and colors, they count to five listen to instructions and function in small groups. All these things may sound small, but for toddlers, they are big wins.2

Early Pre-School Programs

A three year old may even start attending the preschool programs with the four year olds. These kids are encouraged to start taking basic care about themselves, or ask for help. They will try to put on their shoes and jacket with less or more success. These programs encourage kids to function in a group of peers, play with shapes, colors and sizes, count to ten or more and even write their own name. Well organized child care centres will provide kids with enticing programs that will help them grow and develop in a fun way.3

Extra Activity Programs

Children that turn three or four already show some signs of affinities and talents. While some of them easily communicate and rapidly develop language skills, others can already recognize basic math concepts. Some may enjoy music, singing and dancing more than others. Extra activity programs are there to enable children to explore those talents at this early age. They do not push or force children, but create environment that is perfect for them to do it effortlessly and in a fun way. Music preschool programs are among the favorite ones among the kids. Learning languages from such early age is also possible.

The majority of these programs are actually all about enabling children reach their potential. Providing them with a lot of love, care and quality content, these programs help your kid develop in the best possible way. Everything, from staff to the facilities is turned into a big, safe space for exploration and learning about the world. Kids have big craving for knowledge and new content. Their minds are always hungry for more. Development programs help them fill those minds in a great way.

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