How to Control Fatigue after Having a Baby


How to Control Fatigue after Having a Baby

January 25, 2016

Written by: Ella James

Fatigue is a common complaint from women after giving birth. However, you may have heard many suggestions, supplements, or recommendations from women who have given birth before. Every one of them has her own way of getting rid of fatigue. Pregnancy makes women feel always tired hence by the time they give birth they have already reached climax. They feel relieved from heavy load once they give birth.  You need to understand that you can control any feeling of your body regardless of the feeling.shutterstock_88435636

The following are the ways on how to control fatigue after having a baby;

  1. Get moving

This is a great way recommended by the doctor since most women get fatigued immediately after giving birth. This is due to loss of blood in the body making it weak and unable to perform any task. Do not just sit down, you are supposed to make some slight movements which will help fight fatigue and make your body function normally.

  1. Drink plenty of water

Water has very many health solutions in the human body. It needs to be consumed by the women during pregnancy week by week to help in proper growth of the fetus. Plenty of water is also a solution after delivery since it helps to fight fatigue that comes along after giving birth.

  1. Get to bed early

The 9 months of pregnancy is such a long time as the pregnancy adds weight week by week. The moment you have delivered, the body seems to take a longer time to relax from the fatigue accumulated from all those months. The doctor recommends that you take plenty of sleep once you have delivered till your boy gains energy. Make sure that you have 2 hours sleep and a minimum of 8 hours at night to enhance faster reduction of fatigue. Sleep is one of the best remedies for fatigue.

  1. Lose weight

Do not get lazy after delivery since you need to get back to shape. This being among the tips for weigh loss requires you to shape your body since it was already deformed during pregnancy. You have berry fat and stretch marks all over the stomach which need to be eliminated during the weight loss process. If you let time by pass you before you have started the exercise you will have hard time reducing the belly fat and any other excess fats gained before you gave birth.

  1. Go for fish

Fish and fish oil have some of the best supplements to fight fatigue. The omegas 3’s are capable or reliving fatigue within one week by daily consumption. Fish is also stated among the best tips for weight loss since it works best for weight loss. It also has added advantage of reducing the joint pains that could have been triggered during the process of giving birth. Fish oil is better cure as it has no bad taste r side effects as compared to other types of medications. It makes the bones strong and prevents joint rigidity.

  1. Eat more often

This means eating smaller meals more frequently during the day. This helps to steady your blood sugar level. Most women have the tendency of eating lots of meals during a day after giving birth just to satisfy their body need. Though food is good to your body, eating too much of it at once is unhealthy. Avoid junk in your diet immediately after you deliver since they will cause constipation which is a major cause of fatigue. Take balance diets which are among the tips for weight loss and will not take much time before they are digested.


Controlling of fatigue is easy and every woman can do it. Observe keenly the above ways and you will have no regrets. Do not listen to what other women has handled their fatigue after giving birth because getting of fatigue is optional and each has her way of handling it. Consider visiting a doctor if the fatigue persists to prevent other problems in your body. Ask for advice from counselors and they will give you directions and show you how to go about the problem.

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