Review: Diaper Genie Elite


Review: Diaper Genie Elite

February 15, 2016

The Diaper Genie couldn’t have arrived at a better time.  We are on baby #3 and the first 2 diaper pails we had were on their last legs.  Both were hand-me-downs and had seen better days.  The new Diaper Genie Elites are really modern looking! They aren’t the stark white (and let’s face it – fairly ugly!) diaper pails of the past.  This one is SO nice looking.  It has nice square lines and it comes in a variety of colours including blue, pink, grey and white.

It comes in 3 pieces and takes about a minute to assemble!









We received the grey one and it looks really nice in our babies nursery.  I love the hands free opening; you just step on the foot pedal to open up the top of the Diaper Genie.  It has a double opening when you step on the foot pedal to ensure that those lovely diaper smells stay in the pail!  This new Diaper Genie still uses the same refill bags as the last model, which I usually pick up at Costco in a pack of 3.  The diapers only touch the refill bags and not the pail at all, so in case Daddy changes a diaper and still hasn’t figured out how to use the sticky tabs on the diaper to roll up the dirty diaper in a neat little ball, the pail still stays clean!

The lid has a little holder for a carbon filter, which absorbs odours.  Each Diaper Genie Elite comes with a single carbon filter and then additional refills can be purchased online or at your local baby store.

I really like how the front of the Diaper Genie tips open, rather than the older model where you had to flip the entire top half backwards, meaning it had to be pulled out from the wall and then put back together.  To empty the pail, you just push the button on the front, tip the door towards you, use the handy cutter (no scissors required!) to cut the bag and that’s it!

We actually cloth diaper the majority of the time, so having a diaper pail that really works and locks in smells is very important.  We use disposable diapers for the baby at night and sometimes at nap and always for our toddler at bedtime (he is day trained)  So, between the two boys, we generally only need to empty the Diaper Genie once a week before garbage day.  It is really important that the pail does it’s job or week old diapers would be a big problem in the nursery!

The Diaper Genie Elite can be purchased at your local Toys R Us and retails for $45.99.  This makes an excellent gift for anyone expecting a baby; first time or otherwise.  It is a must-have for every nursery and is in a great price range for a shower gift!


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