Review: 2016 Ford Edge Sport


Review: 2016 Ford Edge Sport

March 31, 2016

I was eager to test out the redesigned 2016 Ford Edge Sport as my own family has the 2013 Ford Edge and it has been a great vehicle for us.  This is my husbands primary vehicle.  We initially had a Lexus GS F-Sport and when we had baby #2, we thought that maybe the Lexus RX (SUV) would be a better vehicle.  As it turned out, there wasn’t as much interior space as the full size GS sedan, so we continued looking and ended up settling on an entirely different vehicle – not to mention a Ford, rather than a Lexus.  We were very impressed at the amount of tech included, the well laid out interior space, the wheel package etc for a significantly lower price point that the RX.  The Ford Edge had great bang for it’s buck and the second generation 2016 Edge is no different, and interestingly enough, it has some of the rear lines that the RX has.  We now have 3 kids and the Edge is still a great secondary family vehicle.


The first thing I noticed when I got the keys was that Ford has included an LED notification on the key fob to let you know that the car has started.  While it is nice to have a factory remote starter included in a vehicle, it is often very inconvenient as you never actually know when the car has started.  The range is decent and the fob has a small light between the lock and unlock buttons that lights up green or red.


Not a ton has changed with the front end of the vehicle.  I think I prefer the older model front grill better, but I do like the new fog lamps on the 2016 models.  Our older model grill also looks different because we had the vehicle debadged and all of the emblems blacked out.


(2016 Edge Above)


(2013 Edge Above)

One of the perks of the previous Edge was that the Sport came with a 22″ chrome wheel package.  The 2016 Sport come with a 21″ wheel.  Not a huge difference, but something to note.  Your second set of winter tires will probably be a bit cheaper on the newer model with the smaller wheel.


The biggest exterior difference, and one that I really like would probably be the rear of the vehicle.  I really like the “RX” look of the back of the 2016 Edge.  It has a more luxurious look to it, giving the new Edge a higher end feel.   I also like the new tail light design and exhaust tips.  The exterior overall is great looking and would appeal to both female and male drivers.



There is still tons of trunk space – actually more than our older Edge.  You can see here that we can slide the stroller right in, plus still have additional storage.  The 2016 Edge has tons of truck space and appears to be a bit longer than the previous generation.


The back seat has ample leg room.  If you have 3 kids in car seats, you would be hard pressed to fit them comfortably (3 across) in any vehicle, but I do believe that 3 Diono’s across would fit.  It is nice and easy to install car seats in the Edge as well.



The moon roof is even larger on the 2016, which the kids loved.  It made the back seat nice and bright!  The 2016 Edge Sport has really nice seats with a micro fibre inlay.  They are very comfortable.  My one complaint about our 2014 Edge Sport is the head rests – they seem to push my head forward (perhaps my height – 5’9″ just hits it the wrong way!?) and I find it very uncomfortable and it can’t be adjusted.  The 2016 head rest and seat fit my body size perfectly.  The seats are both heated and cooled in the front.  The seats also have more adjustment options.


The interior layout isn’t much different than previous models.  It does have the new Sync 3, which I found to be even more user friendly. Bright and simple, it was easy for a new Edge driver to easily navigate through the various menu options without previous Sync experience.  Some cool new features include park assist, which is super handy if you are a street parker or downtown commuter.  The additional safety options are great too – you will see below that because the vehicle was in drive, some of the options were disabled – a great option for those younger drivers!  As with any vehicle I review – I give top props to a heated steering wheel and the 2016 Edge Sport has one!  I just love this luxury feature – it makes driving to school on those cool early mornings a pleasure.



In my reviews, I generally stick to the mom-creature features that makes cars comfortable.  I do love a fast and responsive car, but since I generally cover SUV’s and family vehicles, there isn’t usually a lot of torque and horsepower to comment on.  THIS CAR IS FAST! With 6-speed automatic transmission as well as All Wheel Drive for those long winters, the Edge Sport also has a twin-turbocharged, direct-injected 2.7-liter V-6.  It makes 315 hp and 375 lb-ft of torque with super responsive steering.  At low speeds, the steering wheel was almost a bit too tight and stiffer than usual to turn the wheel to make a tight turn.  There is a huge difference in the low end torque on the new Edge.  It definitely gives the more aggressive driver a fun driving experience.

The new Edge sport also has a digital odometer read out, which is nice, because the numbers need a bit smaller on the regular odometer and it can be switched over to miles per hour with the touch of a button, which is really convenient for road trips south of the border or for snow birds who take their vehicles down for months at a time.  The front camera also has 2 different vantage points, which is great for those tight spots!

The Ford Edge that I drove retails at $57289.  Keep in mind that this is the FULLY LOADED model and the Edge starts at a much lower price point.  The 2016 Edge Sport is a great vehicle for the family or for someone who is looking for a sportier and responsive drive!



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