Evoli Brand Review


Evoli Brand Review

April 4, 2016

Evoli sent us a set of their products to try out.  It was perfect timing as we were running out of baby wash.  I love the packaging – sweet and simple!  It was all wrapped up as well – what a nice treat to receive in the mail!


We received 3 products to try; the All Over Foaming Wash, Baby Bottom Comfort Cream and the Baby Soft Cream.


The All Over Foaming Wash is a nice shape that is sturdy on the side of the tub and easy to pump.  Since it is a foam, it comes out nice and sudsy – no need to lather it up once you have babies body and hair wet.  It has a nice smell and seems very gentle on the eyes – no complaints from baby Landon!


The Baby Soft Cream is nice and light and I have actually been using it more on my 3 year old who suffers from extremely dry (even cracking) skin on his cheeks.  Many lotions and ointments bother him and he doesn’t want it applied, but he doesn’t mind the Baby Soft Cream.  I put it on in the morning and after a bath or shower and then follow that up with vaseline after he has fallen asleep at bedtime.

The Baby Bottom Cream is a super rich moisturizer that not only helps ease any diaper rash or redness, but it also form a protective barrier.  It has a lovely smell and blends easily on babies skin.


Evoli offers several gift sets as well – this makes an excellent gift for the new mom in your life! Learn more at http://www.evolibrand.com/ 

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