Top Benefits of Prenatal Exercise


Top Benefits of Prenatal Exercise

April 11, 2016


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Pregnancy is tough: from swollen ankles, weight gain and morning sickness to late night food cravings, cramps and headaches, expecting moms are in for a rocky ride. Still, there is a simple cure to some of the common unpleasant side-effects of pregnancy: light to moderate workouts can help counter persistent fatigue, stabilize blood sugar, blood pressure and heart rate, boost stamina, flexibility and strength, and alleviate stress, mood swings and depression that often accompany pregnancy. Have not discussed physical activity and trainings with your physician yet? If you are a mom-to-be, your next appointment is as good time as ever to address prenatal workout – and here is why.


  1. Reduce risk of pregnancy complications


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According to a 2012 study, regular prenatal workouts can significantly reduce risk of pregnancy complications. Based on the findings, pregnant women who exercised three or four times a week showed lower likelihood of developing gestational diabetes. On top of that, they were less likely to require an unplanned caesarian section at due date and also stood lower risk of delivery complications than women who refrained from training in pregnancy. Other studies also found that moms-to-be who exercised prior to childbirth gained less weight, and their babies also had healthier BMI.


  1. Boost your mood

Mild workout is an excellent mood booster: exercises can help vent out accumulated negativity, relieve the nervous system of stress, improve critical bodily functions, and restore hormonal balance. On top of that, regular workouts count as mommy’s Me time and can improve the mental and emotional state of women prone to pregnancy depression, anxiety and mood swings. Light exercises such as pilates and yoga promote the mother’s and baby’s well-being and comfort, especially when combined with deep breathing. During the workout, pregnant women should wear quality fitness clothing that gently embrace the belly without restricting movement.


  1. Ease back and pelvic pain


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Pregnancy often goes hand in hand with chronic lower back and pelvic pains. As the baby gains weight, the lower back curve grows deeper, and hips tighten due to the pressure exerted by the precious burden. Prenatal exercises boost bone and muscle strength and joint elasticity, thus relieving persistent lower back pains, increasing blood flow, and strengthening critical muscle groups. Still, future moms should avoid intense trainings, just to stay on the safe side.


  1. Improve sleep

Since exercises help restore balance ad minimize tension in entire body, prenatal workouts are an excellent natural alternative to pharmaceutical medications for moms afflicted by disrupted sleep cycles. As the physical energy depletes, body signals to the central nervous system that it is time for rest, which translates as a decent nightly shuteye for expecting moms who have difficulties falling asleep or suffer from pregnancy-related sleep disorders.

  1. Speed post-delivery recovery

A young pregnant woman doing relaxation exercise using a fitness ball and holding her tummy

A young pregnant woman doing relaxation exercise using a fitness ball and holding her tummy

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Women who work out during pregnancy months recover from delivery faster that those who refrain from physical activity. If you want to get back on the fit and sexy track more easily after giving birth, prenatal exercises can help: in addition to providing the much-needed workout for core and pelvic muscles, mild trainings promote healing time in the postpartum period, allowing mothers to return to their usual daily activities soon after the baby arrives.


Before you sign up for the gym, ask your physician to recommend exercises and activities that are best suited to your individual needs in pregnancy months. The sooner you take up light workouts, the higher the odds of easy delivery and your prompt recovery will be, so do not put off your trainings on the baby excuse. A fit mom is a happy mom – and a bit of sweat and effort are small price to pay for your and your baby’s health.


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