10 Summer Tips for Pregnant Women


10 Summer Tips for Pregnant Women

April 26, 2016

Written by: Vaileria Dennis

Its 90-degrees and you’re hot, humid and also pregnant. To make matters even worse, going through a summer pregnancy will make you become even hotter due to the increase in blood flow that causes higher body temperatures. This makes it the ultimate recipe for disaster.

Health experts say that there are medical conditions that pregnant women should be cautious of in order to stay healthy and safe as the temperature continues to rise. Overheating and dehydration is a high risk during summertime, especially during pregnancy. Signs of fatigue, nausea, and dizzy spells are all signals.

During pregnancy, your blood flow increases, making women feel hotter than usual. As women experience hormonal changes during their pregnancy, the core temperature and metabolism of the body doesn’t change. Edema can also cause a slight increase in blood pressure as swelling and inflammation that occurs during pregnancy.pregnant

What about a nice vacation at the beach? Be sure to check in with your doctor for the GO signal. Once it’s okay, here are some tips that will be sure to make the trip as comfortable as possible:

  • Use Comfortable Sandals
  • Invest in Good Eyewear
  • Head to the Salon
  • Reduce Sodium Intake
  • Embrace your shape
  • Make Your Office Summer-Proof
  • Start A Stroller Plan
  • Head to the beach during the early summer
  • Avoid Sun Time

The summer heat may cause pregnant women to become dehydrating as most of the fluid that enters the body goes to the amniotic fluid and the fetus. Humidity and sweating are also the main causes of dehydration. Aside from leaving the air conditioner on all day, there are simple ways to keep pregnant women cool during the summer.

Here are 10 Summer Tips for Pregnant Women:

Practice Food Safety

As BBQs and Pool Parties are what summers are all about, go ahead and let yourself enjoy a nice picnic outside. Eating alfresco can be relaxing, just be sure to make smart food choices. When you plan on having a great BBQ, make sure that meats are fully cooked to reduce any risk of harmful bacteria such as salmonella. Use a meat thermometer and steer clear of perishable foods like mayonnaise, milk, cheese, and freshly-squeezed juice. Anything that is usually stored in the fridge should be avoided once it’s been sitting in the sun for more than a few hours.

Keep Your Body Cool

You are probably most likely sitting by the AC and still find yourself sweating. Not only will pregnancy make your metabolic furnace throw off heat, but your baby will too. Be sure to continuously sip water throughout the day and wear light, breathable fabrics to keep you cool. Spend most of your time in cool spaces as much as possible. If you find yourself feeling dizzy, heart pounding or suddenly stop sweating, chances are you may have heat exhaustion.

Make sure to get some rest and drink cool liquids. If the symptoms don’t subside, be sure to contact your doctor immediately.

Drink More Liquids

Pregnant mommies need more fluid intake, especially during the hot summer season. Aim for at least 8-10 glasses a day, and more if the weather is extremely humid. We know you are probably making endless trips to the bathroom as it is, but dehydration can worse pains and aches from pregnancy swelling as well as trigger contractions and put you at risk for preterm labor.

Have a Calm Summer

Long plane rides or car trips can be utterly uncomfortable for the mom-to-be. This summer, try going for activities and trips that are closer to home and keep your schedule open as much as you can. It is understandable to turn down social plans every now and then, especially during days that you feel most discomfort.

Have a Mini Vacation

Go out for a long romantic getaway or a full topical babymoon. Use this time to spend it with your loved one for some uninterrupted quality time. Just be sure not to travel too far away such as cross-country or overseas. That way, if by chance you start to not feel well, you can contact your doctor to return home more easily.

Get Obsessed with Sunscreen

Sunscreen is always a must, whether you are pregnant or not. This is crucial during pregnancy as the high levels of estrogen makes your body become more susceptible to melisma, which are dark patches of skin that appears on your face. Using the best sunscreen lotion is the best way to avoid burns or prevent any sun damage from getting worse.

Go For a Swim

Swimming is a great way to let yourself cool off during the hot summer weather. Many women claim that the buoyancy of the water is said to help relieve aches and pains that are pregnancy related. The cool water will be gentle on your joints with less risk of overheating.

Fight Bloat

Edema is one of the common effects of pregnancy, which is the fluid retention that causes swelling in your feet, ankles and hands. This may get worse during the scorching heat of summer, though there is nothing dangerous to worry about. To fight bloat, try to avoid any unnecessary sodium intake, drink plenty of fluids and stay cool. Sipping water throughout the day will actually help your body get rid of excess fluids naturally. Also be sure to prop your feet up as much as possible as proper elevation will help lessen any swelling in the region.

Enjoy Your Cravings

It is perfectly okay to indulge in your cravings with the occasional ice cream sundae or a greasy cheeseburger. Your body needs to take in more calories during pregnancy each day; making cold treats the ideal summer joy. Just be sure to maintain a balanced diet plan.

Enjoy Baby-Free, Lazy Days

Take this time to sit around and relax as much as possible. Allow yourself to lounge, get a pedicure, or simply read magazines for a guilt-free you-time. We’re not saying you won’t have these moments ever again, but the opportunities will become fewer once the little one arrives.

Embrace the newfound glow of motherhood and flaunt your gorgeous baby bump in sundresses and slim-fit tees. These will keep you feeling cool and look great without having to roast or sweat.

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