Adorama Pix Acrylic Print Review


Adorama Pix Acrylic Print Review

April 26, 2016

We had the opportunity to order an Acrylic Print from our family photo session we did over Christmas break.  We have ordered a lot of canvases over the years (which you can also get from this company!) so I thought trying something different would be a cool addition to the new photo wall we are building in a niche at the bottom of our basement stairs.

High Res Family Photo

If you haven’t heard of Adorama Pix, they are the source for the finest quality photo prints, photo books and all your photo finishing needs and everything is produced by professionals who watch over each photo.  They also can create greeting cards, calendars and metal prints.


The acrylic print came very quickly.  I was confused at first by the blue hue of our photo when it arrived and then (sheepishly!) realized it was just the protective coating over the glass so it didn’t break during shipping.  You just peel it back in one clean sheet.  The print was very easy to install and I love how it sits off the wall using standoff hardware.  It looks really cool the way it hangs. You just figure out where you want the print on the wall (use a level to make sure everything is perfectly straight!)  Next, mark off in each of the 4 holes on the print where you will insert the standoff hardware.  You then unscrew the head of the standoff and drop a phillips flat head screw through.  Mount the print to the wall and insert the head through the print and tighten.  Voila!  A new piece of photo art perfectly hung!


Check out all of the products that Adorama Pix offers; with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day around the corner – they have everything you need for that special Mom or Dad in your life!

Here is a link to their You Tube demonstration for Acrylic Prints!

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