Happy Mother’s Day: Pampers Pooface


Happy Mother’s Day: Pampers Pooface

May 1, 2016

True to it’s name, Pampers Pooface is all about the faces babies make while they’re taking care of business. Thankfully with Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes, parents don’t have to fear the mess! Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes are clinically proven to be mild and are dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and perfume-free, which helps make changing time even better. Gentle cleaning for your baby’s delicate skin!

We asked and you told us…

What is the best part of being a mom?

  • Cuddles, smiles, giggle and the first “I love you”!
  • The new range of emotions felt after becoming a parent.
  • Watching the kids be kids, enjoying life and celebrating moments as they learn to do things for themselves.

What is the worst part of being a mom?

  • No longer having a social life of your own.
  • Sharing this wonderful responsibility with Dad, who in your opinion doesn’t feed them enough vegetables, lets them wear mismatched outfits, tosses them in the air, and plays monster chasing them around when it’s bed time!
  • Any illness or injury that you cannot make better.

What is the stinkiest part of being a mom?

  • Being so tired you put on a swim diaper instead of a overnight diaper – you can imagine the mess in the morning!
  •  When our LO was just a few weeks old, I was changing her on the couch, with my husband telling me not to change her there just in case she peed. I took her wet diaper off and reached for a wipe, she shot poop out at me like a rocket. My husband quickly scooped her up off the couch, and while he had one hand behind her head/neck and one under her butt, she began peeing. All we could do was laugh as I was cleaning the couch off, and there was also now a puddle of pee in his hand and on the floor. It was hilarious. In my defense she didn’t pee on the couch.
  • I was changing my LO’s diaper and it was a poopy one. As I pulled the dirty one away to fold it and dispose of it, she sneezed and at the same time shot poop across the changing table!

On National Baby Day (May 2nd) Pampers is calling on you to celebrate all things baby – the joys, the challenges and yes, the stinky too! Did you know every baby has their own unique “pooface”? As the brand that has mom’s back and baby’s bottom, Pampers created a funny video to embrace the realness and make parents giggle too – Introducing Pampers Pooface: Baby Poo Face on YouTube

As a leader in diaper innovation, they work hard to deliver gentle, high quality products for your baby at great value. Pampers coupons are available at pgeveryday.ca/tag/printable-coupons.

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