Meditation for Kids


Meditation for Kids

May 11, 2016

Most children today are constantly engaged in activities that are stimulating their mind. From over scheduled activities, to constant technology – how do we get their minds to switch off? Parents are often challenged with how to get children to unwind at the end of the day.

We know that reading with children has enormous benefits and is a great way to get children to calm down. However more recently, the ancient method of Meditation is another method that is proving popular for some families. For thousands of years people have been mediating to clear their minds and reduce anxiety. There are numerous physical and mental benefits of meditation, from reducing anxiety and insomnia, improving mood, behavior and immune system and developing creative thinking. Recently there have also been a few studies done, looking at the benefits of meditation with children who suffer from ADHD.
In Australia the National Therapies Research Unit at the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney Australia, showed significant improvements in ADHD symptoms with children who were taught to meditate. The children reported improved attention spans and less hyperactivity.

Some other positive side effects from meditating were: improved relationships with their parents; better sense of self-esteem and 50 percent of the children that were on medication either reduced or stopped their medication completely, and still continued to improve their symptoms through continued meditation
Children need meditations that engage with them, so they can be exposed to these ancient, yet practical, techniques that could help them to cope better with stress and grow into living healthier lives.

One family in Australia have developed a selection of sleepy meditation stories for kids called Dinosnores. Developed by mum and speech pathologist, Sherene Alfreds Dinosnores was created when Sherene’s daughter was struggling to wind down and get to sleep at night. Not only are the stories popular for relaxing children, they have also been developed to assist in language development and imagination in young children.


The Dinosnores stories have won many awards and are highly recommended by leading psychologists. Dr Fiona Martin, Principal Psychologist from Sydney child Psychology Centre Australia says of Dinosnores “they are fantastic relaxation CD’s for boys and girls.” Available in CD format or iTunes, the CD’s are particularly popular among young families who do not want to leave advice in the child’s bedroom in the evening. They are also popular with parents of more than one child, as one child is being read to, a younger child can lie in bed and listen to a Dinosnores story in another room. It can assist making the bedtime routine easier for parents and reduce stress levels as parents too are tired at the end of the day.

Developing the skills to mediate at a young age, is something that could benefit society as a whole. The ability to learn how to relax the body, to calm the mind, to visualize. All skills that are needed by everyone when under moments of stress.
Society is seeing the benefits in schools and with adults of slowing down and learning mindfulness. Perhaps levels of depression and anxiety in society could be reduced if more people learned as children how to calm themselves and relax their body and mind.



“Fantastic relaxation CDs for boys and girls”. Dr Fiona Martin
Principal psychologist, Sydney Child Psychology Centre Australia

“These fabulous CDs are so clever. I am particularly impressed by the relaxation CDs for boys because in the past I have had trouble getting boys to engage with the typical relaxation stories. I have been recommending these CDs in my psychology practice, and the clients have been getting great results. The absorbing stories engage children’s imagination while their little bodies get relaxed and ready for sleep. “Congratulations on creating such a great product.” Angie Wilcocks Psychologist, Co-author of The Sensible Sleep Solution Australia

For more information on Dinosnores, please contact:
Tara Lamond M + 61 459404300 or

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  1. Meditation gives our children the freedom from negative effects of stress and allows the mind to be fresh and inspired. It gives them an expansive and relaxed way of thinking which can help bring creativity and clarity.

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