Versa Hoop Review


Versa Hoop Review

June 1, 2016


We love reviewing sports toys that can get the whole family active and having fun together.  The Versa Hoop is perfect for young families.  The ball is nice and small and the Versa Hoop can be mounted lower for younger players.  The classic children’s basketball hoop generally needs to stay in one spot since you have to fill the base with water, making it too heavy to move.  We have one of these and the net flips down constantly, so it is frustrating for kids to play with it.  The Versa Hoop stays in place and is super easy to install somewhere.  The one we received came with mounting brackets that can easily be opened and then closed so you can fit it around any pole.  A trampoline that has the poles on the inside is perfect for this!

To assemble, you just place 4 stainless steel bolts into the holes that are in the backboard.  Then, you add the mounting brackets on the back side of the backboard and tighten the bolts.  The rim snaps in easily and the net takes just a minute or to to install.




That’s it!  You then just have to find a great place to mount the Versa Hoop so you can get playing.  The set also comes with an inflatable mini basketball – perfect for little hands.

VersaHoop Mounted

The Versa Hoop is made in the USA; all pieces including the backboards, rims, hooks and brackets.  Right in Ohio.  The hoops were originally created for marine use (on the side of the boat, or installed on the ladder)  The design was modified for RV, tailgating, trampoline use and more!  As I mentioned, ours came with mounting brackets, but you can also get suction cups and a door mount.


The Versa Hoop retails for $80 USD.  Visit their website to learn more! 


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