Little Fishkopp Sleep Sack Review


Little Fishkopp Sleep Sack Review

June 6, 2016

Our family LOVES sleep sacks.  All three of our kids started out sleeping in a Swaddle Me sleep wrap and then progressed to the sleep sacks.  All three of our kids are also AWESOME sleepers and started sleeping through the night at 4-6 weeks old.  All of them were swaddled, bundled and kept nice and warm, which I think makes a huge different.  Adults like to sleep under something – even if it is hot out, a light sheet makes us all sleep better.  Same goes for kids – they like to have something more on them than just a sleeper and since kids are so squirmy all night, a sleep sack is a must.

The first thing I noticed about the Fishkopp sleep sack is the beautiful pattern.  The pattern options are all beautiful and bright, very modern and definitely European.LF Sleep Sacks_Clothing Rack

The next thing I noticed was that the sleep sack seemed very big – my 7 year old asked if it was for her!  We received a size 18-36 months and our baby is 16 months.  This must be a common inquiry as we received a little note card with information on the sizing.  They are designed to provide warmth without restricting movement and allows the child to still wiggle around freely.  Sleep sacks that are too small can cause overheating.  The larger sleep sack gives more of a normal blanket feel, without having loose blankets in the crib or bed and allows for more airflow.  Sleep sacks like the Little Fishkopp also are great for children who are in beds that don’t stay under the covers and then wake up because they are cold.  As long as your child’s head is large enough not to slip through the neck opening, it is safe to use.celebritybabytrends_littlefishkopp4

Why the name?  It means “Fish Head” and reflects the Nordic style and commitment to providing quality products for kids everywhere.  The founder of Little Fishkopp is a native of Northern Germany.  She came to the US 20 years ago on a tennis scholarship.  Like many mompreneurs, she started the company after her son was born in 2011.  She began researching sleep bags and wanted to concentrate on unique fabric designs that were 100% organic cotton, quality (inverted!) zippers, a tab to prevent child from unzipping the bag and more.

The bags come in 3 sizes (0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months) and two weights light and standard.  home-banner-1

The bags range from $59 – $79 USD.  Visit their website for more information!  


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