Playmobil Wildlife Adventure Treehouse Review


Playmobil Wildlife Adventure Treehouse Review

July 10, 2016

This is an awesome summer purchase or gift.  With kids under foot and sometimes needing a quiet activity to work on, this is a great choice!  My kids love reading through the directions, page by page and slowly creating their masterpiece.  We pulled it out one rainy morning when the baby was still sleeping.  It was only 9am and the kids were already getting a little wild in the house.


This treehouse was the perfect project for them.

There is a rope bridge  – be careful you don’t fall through! A rope pulley brings up supplies the treehouse and there are even bunk beds to sleep in.  My kids loved the little kitchen pieces; eggs in a frying pan (that came from the birds nest – also included) and little utensils and plates.  You can go fishing for salmon, but watch out for the bears who also want to catch the fish before heading back to their cave where they are guarding golden treasure.

There is something for everyone in this adventurous set.  Both my kids (boy and girl) really liked it.  They are 3 & 7 and needed help putting it together, but this may not be the case for everyone.

Treehouse Treehouse Packaging

The set retails for $79.99.  Order directly from Playmobil and get free shipping! 

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