Review: Dinosnores Sleep CDs


Review: Dinosnores Sleep CDs

July 11, 2016




Dinosnores sleepy stories help children slow down and get ready for sleep. They are guided relaxation and meditation for kids – with stories!  Designed by childcare and child language experts, Dinosnores stories and soundscapes use relaxation and visualization techniques to take kids on an imaginative journey, with calming vocal rhythms and soothing natural sounds.


The Dinosnores CD’s are so sweet; we received the Kitten, Fairy, Dragon and Tyranosaurus themed meditation CD’s.  Each CD has 2 tracks, one that is all white noise with a natural soundscapes theme and then the other track starts and ends with a similar soundscape and then has a lovely Australian voice guiding your child through  a 30 minutes relaxation story before bedtime.  The Fairy and Kitten themes have a female voice and the other two have a male voice.  Both are very soothing and relaxing.  Both of my kids, aged 7 and 3, liked the Fairy and Kitten themes the best.  The only problem we had was figuring out how to place a CD as we realized that we no longer have a CD player anywhere in the house.  It took about 90 second per CD to add them into itunes and then add them to an old iphone.  We just played the meditation through the iphone.  This is handy anyways, as we will also have it at our fingertips now on itunes for travel!  These tracks can also be downloaded on itunes for $9,99 per theme.

This is a great idea for kids, especially those that have a more difficult time settling down.  I love the idea of hypnosis and deep relaxation.  We even used hypnobirthing with our first birth and continued those relaxation methods on with the next two pregnancies.  

Relaxation and meditation is important for all ages, so I really love introducing the idea and techniques for a deeper relaxation and concentration on ones self at a young age.  Thanks for sharing this great product with us, Dinosnores! 
Help children sleep – sleep tips from Dinosnores

1. Have a regular bedtime.

2. Make the bedroom comfortable dark place to sleep, with no television or other electronic devices

3. Have a regular calming bedtime routine. In our home we do bath, teeth, books, then Dinosnores sleepy story CD.

4. Avoid the “I can’t sleep” argument. Ask children to “lie down and rest their bodies” instead of telling them to “go to sleep”.

5. Avoid TV, computer or electronic games after dinner, they have all been found to make sleep more difficult.

6. Get the kids out exercising in the day to help them sleep at night.

7. Avoid caffeine and sugar saturated foods.

8. Consider dropping daytime naps as your child gets older.

9. Talk to your doctor to rule out medical causes of sleep difficulties

10. During the holidays, anticipate some disruption at bedtime if you are changing your family routine.



Learn more and purchase your own mediation and relaxation CD’s for your children at


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