Review: Irish Fairy Door Company


Review: Irish Fairy Door Company


Fairy-door-main We were sent an Irish Fairy Door and I honestly wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  My daughter is 7 (going on 17!) and while she is still a fierce believer in Santa and the Tooth Fairy, I wasn’t sure if a simple wooden Fairy Door would really be enough to capture her attention.

IMG_3546 She was just recovering from a flu bug and had been in bed for nearly 2 days, so I decided it was time to bring out the Fairy Door for a special get-well treat.  She was nearly VIBRATING with excitement.  She ready of the sweet story that came with it.


Next, she made a list of possible Fairy names and then she set up the door in her room.  She couldn’t decide where exactly to put it, so instead, she used the packaging as a back drop (to ensure the Fairy thought it looked like a Fairy Door)


The set comes with a book, a door, a few wooden stepping stones, a small note pad (this is her favourite part!) a tiny key in a bottle and a scroll.  The scroll (otherwise known as the Official Fairy Lease Agreement) needs to be signed by both the Fairy and all Human’s in the house.  You can leave the scroll out the first night and have your Fairy sign it.  We had our Fairy sign it with her name – our Fairy is called Cynthia, or Cindy as she sometimes like to sign her notes to Madelyn.  Parents/Kids can register their Fairy on the website and then parents get emails with tons of cute ideas on how to make this super interactive and magical for your kids.  Having trouble naming your Fairy?  No problem – there is a huge list on the website to help you find the perfect name for your new Fairy housemate.IMG_3547

It has been about 3 weeks and she still hasn’t permanently affixed the door – she loves the cardboard backdrop too much!  I think this is a sign it is time to buy some accessories so we can liven up the wall behind the door.  There are so many adorable accessories, which will make the perfect birthday gift in November for our daughter as well as Christmas gift options!  Everything can be easily ordered online, so for those gift givers from afar, this make’s gifting nice and easy. Choose from accessories like clothes lines (for boy or girl Fairies) Fairy Dust, Wall Art and Accessory Sets.  They are all very reasonably priced and will make your families Fairy story really come to life.



I love all of the note writing back and forth – we have already used up all of our notes.  Madelyn writes one pretty much every evening.  She sometimes leave gifts (a tiny Fairy bracelet) or drinks (using a Barbie wine glass, plus a few raisins)  If your child slows down on the note writing, or the “Fairy” can’t think of what she might leave behind, there are magical and creatives ideas on the Irish Fairy Door website.  With school starting later this week, our Fairy will be delivering a sealed envelope to our daughter the night before school wishing her good luck. Inside the top secret envelope will be answers to Cynthia’s Fairy School First Year Exam.  Madelyn will be in charge of reading through her answers after she delivers her completed exam and then marketing the exam.  Just another way for her to practice her reading and comprehension in a fun and interactive way.


The whole concept of The Fairy Door is amazing – I love the quote on their website: “We help fairies relocate into homes and gardens all over the world by producing high quality Irish fairy doors; our aim is to create memorable family moments and a little magic all year round – all YOU need to do is believe!”


Purchase your very own Irish Fairy Door for your family for $39.99 at most Mastermind Toys or Toys R Us Locations, as well as many other retailers.  Click here for a full listing of stores carrying these wonderful gifts across Canada. 

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